Hey my lovelies, I mentioned in my previous post how I have a lot of first impressions coming your way over the next couple of weeks and today is no different. Makeup Revolution have been rolling out a Kylie Jenner dupe into Superdrug stores. They have come out with their very own matte, gloss and metallic lip kits. The kits retail for £6 and include the liquid lipstick/gloss and a lip liner.

In the drugstore the only other ‘lip kit’ products I’ve seen are by Barry M which I reviewed last month here. I found the Barry M ones were a hit so I was disappointed when I tried one of Makeup Revolutions matte lip kits to find the formula was awful! To keep it short and sweet, the lip liner was too soft (like a kohl eyeliner) and the supposedly matte lipstick is anything but matte, it’s thick and gloopy and sticky. I was going to do a full review on the matte lip kit but I hated it so much I’ve binned the product!


Anyway the real focus of this post is the metallic lip kits, I thought I’d give Makeup Revolution a second chance and maybe a third because I’m intrigued by the gloss lip kits. I picked up the metallic shade We Rule which is a golden peachy colour.


  • The box contains a long lip pencil and full size liquid lipstick
  • Lip liner holds 1g of product (MAC 1.45g)
  • Liquid lipstick holds 5.5ml of product (NYX cosmic metals 4ml)
  • Lip liner has a 4 month expiry date
  • Liquid lipstick has a 12 month expiry date


I imagined the lip liner to be a solid nude colour to pair with the liquid lipstick but I was wrong, I was greeted with a metallic shimmery lip liner and I’ll be honest I didn’t think it would be that pigmented and again I was wrong the lip liner is very creamy and pigmented and matches the liquid lipstick perfectly. The formulation of this lip liner is different to the one in the matte lip kit as it glides over my lips a lot better and doesn’t bunch up on any cracks in my lips. I have a lot of texture around my lip line so lip liners need to be soft enough to apply but not too creamy so it clings to that texture and this one is lovely for my lips.


I have had the wrong impression from metallic liquid lipsticks I automatically thought they would be matte in finish but again I was wrong (a lot of my presumptions are usually wrong haha!) The liquid lipstick I will compare this one too again isn’t matte, the only matte metallic formula I’ve found is Jeffree Star Cosmetics metallic liquid lipstick and his shade Pussywhipped I reckon would be a perfect matte dupe for this We Rule colour.

Judging from the matte lip kit formula I was expecting the formulation to be thick and gloopy but it is more of a dry formula, and it is quite sheer it needs to be built up quite a few times to get an opaque colour.

I would rather have this formula over the thicker one as it is more comfortable on the lips, the colour is gorgeous and I would pair this up with a bold warm smokey eye for the perfect summer makeup look.




I wanted to see if I had anything like this liquid lipstick in my collection and the closest I have is the NYX Cosmic Metals cream lipstick in the shade Speed of Light. The NYX lipstick retails for £7 so £1 more than the lip kit and you get less product in the NYX one however it is uber pigmented straight away so in theory both products would last the same amount of time because you have to dip into the Makeup Revolution lipstick around 3 times to get an opaque coverage.


The NYX formula is quite overwhelming it is so sticky and thick but for some reason it doesn’t make a mess it doesn’t budge so I can cope with it.



So all in all I do like the Makeup Revolution lip kit I think it’s a cute idea and I’m very impressed with the lip liner, the pigmentation on the lipstick could be better but I would recommend this one over the NYX if you hate sticky lip products. It’s thin formula makes it less sticky and easy to maintain.


That’s it for this long-winded first impression let me know of any metallic lip products you would recommend as I’m on the hunt for some to add to my collection! xo




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