Hey everyone! I’m back with a different sort of post today, I like to do reviews here on my blog but to do in depth reviews over a period of time takes a lot of time compared to tutorials and favourites, but I’ve been trying a few new products recently and I feel I need a bit of a different creative outlet from all my work at university.

I have 4 new makeup items to talk about and review today varying from the drugstore to the more high end makeup brands so I’ll get straight into it.



The first item is a lip care item I picked up in Boots a couple of weeks ago. Glamglow are world famous for their face masks and their most striking release was the Sonic bright blue metallic face mask. Now I’m not usually one for face masks I much prefer using deep moisturising cleansers as I just don’t have time for face masks and I definitely can never keep on top of using them. Glamglow used to be very hard to get in the UK but Boots have started to stock a limited range in their larger stores, so I had a little peek the other week and I couldn’t bare to part with around £40 for a face mask I’d probably never use so I had a look at some of their smaller items which revolved around lip care and treatments. The one thing in particular that caught my eye was the POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment. The product is a very wet and sticky lip scrub that melts into your lips when mixed with warm water. It comes in a very pretty and classy Glamglow pink and silver box and inside is the silver ball which screws in half and inside is the lip scrub with a polystyrene seal that can be placed back on top to keep the scrub fresh.

Glamglow recommend to only use the product 2-3 times a week so that’s what I have been doing, I do it at night when I’m taking my makeup off and spend 1-2 minutes working the scrub into my dry lips with the warm water. Glamglow don’t specify if the formula of the scrub is edible or not but the sugary crystals stick to the outside of your lips so it’s impossible to not lick off and it’s not a bad taste a very fruity combination of bitter and sweet. After rinsing off the scrub my lips have never felt so soft and plump, I wear matte liquid lipsticks pretty much every day so my lips have been through hell and back because of that so I feel with continuous use of the Fizzy Lip my lips will feel a lot better and will hopefully begin to crack less. I am noticing after two weeks that my lips are feeling overall less dry and look less dry under liquid lipsticks so I would recommend this product to anyone.




My second product is a new foundation that has landed in the UK drugstores and been such a hit amongst the beauty community. The L’Oreal Total Cover foundation is the newest addition to the Infallible line which consists of the 24hr, 24hr matte and the sculpt foundations. L’Oreal claim that this foundation is easy to blend, lightweight, long wearing and has 30% more pigment than other foundations to give that fuller coverage.


Unfortunately this foundation and me do not mix at all. One thing I like about it is the colour, it is pale enough for my skin tone which is something I always have to praise in a brand since no one ever does pale enough foundations but I can not wear this foundation at all. L’Oreal claim that it is easy to blend and I find it very difficult to do that as the texture is so thick and mousse. L’Oreal also claim that this foundation has 30% more pigment than other foundations which I can definitely see it is super full coverage but this pigment has changed the whole formulation. It feels so heavy on the skin, very uncomfortable and my face feels almost fixed into place. The foundation sinks into lines and then once completely matte it cracks, I look like such a mess when wearing this foundation. I could only possibly see this working for people with very oily skin but even then the thick formula could be an issue for anyone. I’d definitely say this would be a miss next time you pop into Superdrug or Boots.




Some drugstore brands have started to play around with the idea of lip kits which consist of a lip liner and liquid to matte lipstick to match. Kylie Jenner set off this trend but personally I don’t really want to try her products as I don’t want to get caught having to pay customs on top of intense shipping costs. So Barry M have brought out a few shades in their matte me up lip paint and lip liners. I bought the shade Pose which is a pale pinky nude. The lip liner is one of THE BEST lip liners I’ve ever used it has the sharpness of a harsh pencil but a smoother formulation so it glides over the lips. If i was to compare this to others it has the design of a MAC pencil but it doesn’t tug on the lips like MAC ones do. The lip liner in the kit is slightly darker than the liquid lipstick in the tube but the lipstick dries down slightly darker so they match perfectly in the end.

The liquid lipstick comes in a cheap plastic component but the applicator is the best liquid lipstick applicator I’ve used, it’s small and doesn’t carry too much product at once. The formula is very watery and thin but is uber pigmented and glides on like a dream. It dries almost instantly and doesn’t settle into fine lines and doesn’t go crusty when eating or drinking, it’s the most perfect liquid lipstick!




The Kat Von D palette is a new addition to my collection after my mum brought me one home from when she went to New York. I have already featured this in a tutorial but I wanted to try it for a bit longer before I gave my final review. The palette has intricate packaging which is embossed, glossy and holographic. The packaging is utterly stunning for such a cool little palette. The triangular shape is unique but I’m not overly keen as it doesn’t fit in makeup bags very well.

The palette comes with four different iridescent shades: Emerald (green), Saphyre (blue), Amethyst (ultraviolet), Opal (pink). Three of the shades apart from Saphyre are very smooth and light in texture, however Saphyre is very powdery and quite chunky as it seems to have more glitter particles inside it. All the shades have a white base it’s the reflect that makes all the shades so unique.

I prefer to use these shades on top of other highlighters to add a new layer of dimension, however I do like using Opal on its own as it gives a subtle but warm pink glow to the cheeks. I would avoid using the shades very close to the eyes as they have made my eyes water and sting. I didn’t think this palette would last me very long at all but I’m doing alright with it yet and some shades look hardly touched. If you love bright and out there highlighters then this palette is totally for you!


I hope you enjoyed these collective reviews and I hope you go and have a look at these products next time you go to your local beauty store!



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