Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a foundation review but yet again I’m on the hunt for my perfect one! I mentioned in my empties post that I had gone through almost 2 of the Lancome Teint Idole foundation which at £31.50 a bottle is very expensive and it just doesn’t seem to go very far. So I’m still on the hunt for my full coverage base which a less expensive price bracket and will last me a fair amount of time….so you’re probably thinking why the hell would I buy a stick foundation? They are notorious for running out so quickly but I’ve been dying to try it since it was in my updated makeup wish list so since there was 15% off in Debenhams at the weekend I took full advantage of it and got this foundation for around £25.

So let’s cover the basics shall we, I got the shade Y205 which as far as I’m aware is the 2nd lightest shade in this foundation. The lettering and number system is very hard to follow so I just went with the same shade I had in the Ultra HD fluid foundation a while back.


You get 30ml of product in the foundation stick which is the standard size for most foundations. The packaging is super sleek and it looks expensive but definitely doesn’t feel it, it’s very light and the actual foundation inside doesn’t feel secure…well in my tube it definitely doesn’t. I’m having to be super careful with it I’m too scared that the foundation will fall out of the tube or melt if I press it too hard into my skin.

So besides the packaging feeling cheap it does look like every other stick foundation. Now I’ve never used a stick foundation before, I’ve actually never used any stick products so this felt so unnatural for me to apply for the first time.


I did my usual base by moisturising and following up with Benefit Pearl Porefessional. I applied two vertical stripes to each cheek, one across my chin, one on my nose and one across my forehead. I can’t use brushes to apply cream products they just drag product around on my dry skin so I was using my Real Techniques sponge to blend it out and it was really stiff so I think next time I should apply the foundation to one cheek blend out and then carry on with the rest step by step. It took a little longer to build up and blend out in comparison to my other liquid foundations but I guess I could just get used to it. The original amount I applied did go a long way but I did have to build up on the apples of my cheeks and a little bit on my forehead and down my neck, but I didn’t feel like I used a lot of product which is promising.

I let the foundation settle a little and it was a weird feeling because it’s not as weightless as say the Lancome foundation so I could definitely tell it was there and because of this I just presumed I was going to get a really matte finish but when I looked close up it was more of a satin, I wouldn’t say dewy because around my nose it didn’t seem to settle right and looked quite dry and matte as did the areas around my jaw but my chin and forehead still seemed quite glowy.

My concealers applied beautifully on top of this foundation so no complaints there and when I applied my powder everything was fine apart from my under eyes felt quite heavy with the combination of foundation and powder so I think for next time I shouldn’t apply the foundation under my eyes and just rely on my concealers.

All my other powder products went on top the same as they would do with any other foundation so now was the moment of truth, a day of uni to see if it lasted throughout the day. I don’t actually have any photos from the very beginning but my skin looked flawless apart from the little bunching up around my nose.

Usually with other foundations I’d see fading around my jaw, a lot of fading on my upper lip and it would settle into my laughter lines and crack a lot, so I’m pleased to say that it didn’t do much of that at all! A little more bunching up happened around my nose and it started to show my pores at the sides of my nose, and yes it did settle into my laughter lines but nowhere near as bad as other foundations do. Obviously the stick foundation is a heavy duty cream so I feel this is good for those areas of the face that get touched the most so my jaw area, my forehead and my smile lines, so mixing this with say the Lancome foundation I think would be my most perfect match but that defeats the object of saving that bit of extra cash. The pictures below are after 9 hours of wear.

Ignore my horrible lipstick, I hadn’t reapplied it all day. 

Overall I am pleased with this foundation and I am glad I’ve finally tried it, would I purchase again? Maybe, it’s not completely sold on me I’m not super duper impressed by it but I do like it, it has it’s flaws and I still think my favourite foundation to date is the Lancome Teint Idole closely followed by the HD stick, they both have their really good uses but I will continue to use the stick foundation by itself as it did last really well I was so impressed by that. I’d give it a 9/10 so definitely not bad at all, the major flaw to me is how heavy it feels on the skin but that is at the end of the day personal preference and I would recommend this foundation to pretty much all skin types I have severely dehydrated skin and I still looked glowy by the end of the day.

So I hope you enjoyed this review, I will have another foundation review hopefully coming some time next week and it’s incredibly hyped so look forward to that!

See you soon! xo



  1. So sad that it bunches up around the nose area. Still feel like I might give it a go purely because of the finish because I also have dehydrated skin and it looks so luminous on you! Great review! Xx

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