Hey my loves! I’m back with part 2 of my lipstick collection, today we’re focusing on a few brands only but a fair few from each range. I’m reaching for these lipsticks a lot recently and hopefully you’ll be able to see why!

So starting off strong here is my biggest lipstick specific holder which I picked up from Home Sense for around £7. In here I’ve been keeping my JSC liquid lipsticks, some Too Faced goodies and a couple of other brands.

So I’ll jump right in with my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid lipsticks. JSC has one of my favourite formulas of liquid lipstick and as you can see from the packaging I’ve definitely got my favourites including I’m Nude, Nathan, Gemini and Wifey. I love how these look in my collection and I wish I could fill the whole lipstick container with JSC liquid lipsticks. All my JSC lipsticks are very neutral in tone and classic colours apart from No Tea, No Shade which is one of the metallic formulas but I think it’s nearly ran out, it’s very dry now which is unfortunate!

Next up are a few Nyx lippies. I have one Butter Gloss in the shade Fortune Cookie which is such a beaut nude gloss which I would recommend to anyone it’s perfect! I also have two of the Soft Matte lip creams one of which isn’t actually mine but a friend left it at my flat and it’s in the shade Berlin, I do like the shade but I wouldn’t go out and buy it myself I think it suits her more than me. And I have the shade San Paulo which is a bright red/pink which I bloody loved since I don’t wear these shades often but I hate the formula and think they are a waste of money since I get about three uses out of them and they dry up.

Next I have one more MAC lipstick which was limited edition it’s a Mattene lipstick which is a different shape and formula and I got the shade Power my Spirit which is a deep navy purple and I never ever wear it because it’s not opaque and slips about too much for a dark lipstick, I wouldn’t really recommend these. And here are my Too Faced goodies, I bought these minis in a Christmas set for £22 which made them such good value for money at £5.50 each. In the set I got one of the Melted Matte liquid lipsticks in Drop Dead Red, which is the deepest red shade I own and I adore! I also got a Melted Latex in the shade Hopeless Romantic, now this had the potential of being one of my favourite glosses but it’s too thick and sticky it looks disgusting on the lips so I have to tap it on with my finger for it to look natural enough. And I got two of the original Melted lipsticks which have a satin finish, I got the shade Chocolate Honey which is a lot more peachy than I expected and smells delightful and Chihuahua which is more nude than I imagined, I was hoping it would be more pink. I’ve tried this formula before and it’s very comfortable on the lips and easy to apply but doesn’t last.

And finally I have my lip products from Jouer which I didn’t get along with at first, but now I like their original matte lip cremes. I have the shade Dulce De Leche in the matte formula and it’s a beautiful mauve pink one of the most flattering shades I own. I own a metallic matte from the limited edition mermaid collection in the shade Daiquiri which is a bright coral and I’ve never worn this out of the house, orange toned lipsticks don’t suit me at all which is a shame. I also have the coveted Skinny Dip lip topper which is my favourite gloss ever! I use it so much and I want so many more of the lip toppers!


And that’s the second part all done and dusted, my final part of this series is my largest bit as it’s pretty much all of my liquid to matte lipsticks. I really do hope you’re enjoying this series!

See you soon!xo

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