Hey loves! A while back now I started to show little parts of my makeup collection with you and I’m back again with one of my biggest parts besides my palettes my lipsticks! I have 4 different types of storage for my lipsticks and there isn’t really a rhyme or reason as to the order of my lipsticks but I have kept all brands together.

I’ve already shown my MAC lipstick collection and my collection of ABH liquid lipsticks. So I’m going to be leaving them out of this post and showing you all the rest. All of my acrylic storage is from Home Sense apart from the smaller lipstick stand which is from Tesco!

So starting off with the majority of my stick lipsticks!


Since my MAC lipstick collection I’ve since collected two more in the shades Mehr and Twig. Mehr was apart of the lip kit duos they introduced a while back, I did a post on this one here. And I exchanged six empty MAC products for a free lipstick so I opted for Twig. Both shades are incredibly similar but once on my lips Twig pulls a lot darker and doesn’t feel as matte.

I have two Nars stick lipsticks in two different formulas. I have Catfight which is a part of the Semi matte range which is possibly the most matte stick lipstick I’ve used, it’s very drying but a lovely muted lilac colour. And I have the shade Julie in the Audacious lipstick range, a more satin formula and very opaque, this used to be my go to lipstick shade, I wore this non stop for a couple of months and unfortunately I don’t reach for it much anymore. The only item from Smashbox I own is this lipstick in the shade Top Shelf and I’ve never worn it only swatched it and the bullet has broken, so it’s all melted I doubt I’ll get anymore use out of it, it’s not really a colour or formula I’d reach for, just a bit of an impulse buy. As was this Revlon lipstick in the shade Va Va Violet, I was after a really really dark purple and when I first bought this I remember it being much more opaque but over time it’s lost it’s pigment and feels quite waxy.

Next I have my two NYX stick lipsticks in the shades Strawberry Daiquiri and Chambord. The first is part of the matte lipstick range and the second part of the Macaron lippies which is a range full of bright pastel colours. I actually really like Strawberry Daiquiri during the summer it’s a muted but still bright and fresh. However I don’t get that much use out of Chambord since it just bleeds even with a lip liner, I prefer to use a black liquid lipstick instead.

And finally for part one I have Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Walk of Shame, it’s a really nice grungy colour but matte it isn’t, more of a satin so the wear on it isn’t great but the packaging looks so luxe. The next is a really old lipstick that I keep more for sentiment since my Grandma out of the blue gave me this lipstick, it’s by Estee Lauder in the shade Rare Truffle, and it’s definitely a rare colour across my collection I don’t usually do browns but this one is actually really pretty just not very opaque. The third lipstick in this set was also a surprise gift from Lewis’ mum, she knew me for my red lipstick before we met, every picture she ever saw of me I had red lipstick on so she bought me this one from Autograph in the shade Glamour, it’s a really nice blue toned red and has a creamy finish. And finally I have Topshop, Naturist which I’ve had many compliments on over the years but this one has also melted and fallen apart so I’ve now chucked it out but it was such a cool greige colour but it still looked so wearable against my skintone.


And that’s all for part 1, there will be a part 2 and 3 coming soon, I’m splitting it evenly the best I can so the posts aren’t too long to read! I hope you’re enjoying these types of posts, I think my blog is very lipstick heavy at the moment but I promise things will change soon!

See you soon!xo


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