Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a little series here on my blog, and by no means is it original but I wanted to test out some products that get hyped up on Instagram and Youtube. I used to get sucked in really badly by user reviews and popular products but recently I’ve just been buying stuff that takes my fancy or will benefit me and my makeup skills.

But like anyone with a makeup obsession I have been drawn in to purchasing a few items just for their popularity. And today I’m giving you my opinion on Benefit brow products. Benefit are the so called “queens” of the brow industry right now, with their complete relaunch of their products with all new formulas, products and packaging it’s non stop talk about Benefit.

Benefit is a brand I’ve never been drawn too, I never really liked anything they brought out, but now I’m opening up to the brand and have been loving the new Pearl Porefessional and Hoola Lite but their brow products are supposed to be second to none but I’m not convinced.

I always struggle with my brows it takes me ages to fill them in because every product I use is too waxy or too dry so I was hoping Benefit would be different but I was deeply unimpressed! I purchased the KaBrow! and Gimme Brow.

I’m used to using pomades like the ABH Dipbrow and Nyx Tame and Frame and recently I’ve been using Eyelure’s brow pomade and the KaBrow! is no different to the rest. The little pot you get is tiny in comparison to the others I’ve bought and it’s still pretty expensive and the brush that comes with the pomade isn’t the best I would have thought it would have been higher quality and didn’t shed all the time. The pomade itself was fine to begin with like all pomades but it dried up way too quickly and now it’s impossible to use I’ve tried to loosen the product but it’s done absolutely nothing and just smears, it takes no pigment anymore so it’s basically useless to me. I’ve got so many more uses out of the Nyx pomade in comparison to this at a fraction of the price.

Now I’m not a great supporter of brow gels as my brow hairs have a mind of their own but Nyx Control Freak used to do the trick but it ran out so I thought I’d try Gimme Brow and I don’t know whether I got a crappy one but it felt empty as soon as I opened it, I felt nothing on my brows, no security, no colour tint and no tackiness. And then I got a letter saying that a chemical in the brow gel could be harmful to the eyes and to return it. I didn’t bother returning it because it was basically empty anyway.

These products are so pricey for the use I got out of them and the lack of quality, I expected better. The KaBrow! comes through at £20 and Gimme Brow I think was £19 (I can’t find the exact price right now because it’s been pulled from all retailers) I simply can not justify the price of these items when I’ve found much better for at least half the price.

These products have now been thrown away since they are just lying around doing nothing, I cant salvage the KaBrow! and Gimme Brow feels just as empty as it did when I bought it. So I’m incredibly disappointed by Benefit and these products are definitely NOT WORTH THE HYPE!

I know this is my personal experience and I would love to know if any of you swear by these products and your experiences with Benefit brow products.

But I’ll leave you with my other recommendations:


NYX Tame & Frame £6.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow £19.00 (pricey but a much better formula and more product)

Eyelure Brow pomade £8.95


NYX Control Freak £6.00

Rimmel Brow this way £3.99

So that is all for this post, apologies for it being quite negative, but I’m just very unimpressed with the quality and the overwhelming hype over these products. The big relaunch and the amount of sponsorships and ads flying around was ridiculous and so in your face, I really wish I’d never bought these products they were a complete waste of money and I think I’ll stick to NYX in the future!

See you soon! xo

7 Replies to “ARE THEY WORTH THE HYPE?!”

  1. Thanks for the negative review. It is nice to see people with opinions and a mind of their own who won’t just like something because its popular. Hope you get more lucky with your future brow products 😊

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