Hey everyone! I’ve featured a couple of posts on skincare on this blog before but I never do enough and it’s because I don’t know a lot about it but I’m slowly branching in since I’ve done a few face mask reviews before but I have my two ultimate favourite masks for clogged dehydrated skin and I’m going to give you some easy steps on how to use them, what they look and tell you about the results I get.

My previous face mask posts:


I’ve give you a quick run down to my skin type. I’ve always had quite dry flaky skin that feels super tight but ever since I started to use moisturiser that has loosened my skin and got rid of the flakiness but my skin does feel dehydrated in places for example around my eyes and nose, on my chin but weirdly these are also the places I gather the most oil. So my skin over the past few months has definitely turned more combination than dry as my nose does always feel quite oily, so to accommodate all areas of my face I’m having to use two different types of skincare to target those areas.

So to target my dryness and dehydration I’ve been using the GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD HYDRATING TREATMENT. Definitely is on the pricey side at £42 but it’s the only treatment I’ve found that will cure my dehydrated skin for extended periods of time, it allows my skin to feel soft and bouncy for days on end instead of just an hour long period. So this treatment isn’t the most pleasing of things to look at and comes in the form of a thin gel which glides across the skin with ease.


The instructions say to apply a thin layer across the skin and to only use it 2-3 times a week but what I’ve been doing is applying a full face of the mask for the instructed 2-3 times a week and if I do feel overly dehydrated anywhere else I will apply sparingly to the specific area. The mask sits on top of the skin and is slowly absorbed but you can be left with a little residue and this definitely shouldn’t be left on the skin to soak because it will refuse, either massage the excess in to the skin or wipe away with a hot flannel. The residue can make the skin feel greasy and it’s not great to apply makeup on top of.


The hydrating treatment allows my skin to breathe, when I have tight skin I make a habit of rubbing dry areas around my eyes which enhances my redness and of course will provide me with a lot of wrinkles but since using this I’ve not felt the need to push my skin around in order to wake my tired skin up.



And secondly to target my clogged pores and to control my oily nose and chin I use the SANCTUARY SPA 5 MINUTE THERMAL DETOX MASK £10. Sanctuary are a lovely brand for soothing the body. So this mask is a very light grey colour and it doesn’t dry matte but the heat controls my oils so it keeps my nose and chin rather matte. So the mask itself is a very stiff formula and I find it easiest to apply if you use a small amount a bit at a time, for example if I take a pea sized amount and push it onto my cheek and another onto my other cheek, then the first amount will have loosened and it’s easier to push around the skin to cover it all thoroughly. As soon as it hits the face the heating method activates and it does feel like you’ve just stepped into a sauna.


The mask doesn’t change much on the face it doesn’t dry or crack or peel the heat just brings all of the dirt and excess makeup to the surface like any other detox treatment would. It’s a little bit difficult to remove since it is quite sticky so I’d recommend starting to remove with warm water and your fingers but once the surface has been loosened use a warm wet flannel to get the rest off just to avoid getting any sticky parts in little hairs or all over your top.


So after using these two masks for 2 weeks I’ve seen a dramatic difference, my skin feels more plump, smooth and soft to the touch and my impurities have definitely been drawn to the surface and have since subsidised with continuous use of the detox mask. My blackheads are still visible I’m by no means saying it’s a miracle working but it has made my skin look clearer and less irritated. I think both masks will last me a good while if not over used and I’m very happy with my investments into skincare.

Let me know what your favourite face masks are in the comments!

See you soon! xo

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