Hiya everyone! Todays post is all about one of my favourite brands of liquid lipsticks, Anastasia Beverly Hills! I know recently I’ve not shut up about ABH and all the new products I have but today I promise will be the last! I now have 8 of the ABH liquid lipsticks all of which were gifts apart from one which I bought myself. I’m not going to go too in depth but I will show swatches of each shade on my arm and include some lip swatches. My lips were burning after having to rub and rub to get these off.


My first ABH liquid lipstick was a present from my mum when she went to New York and she got me the shade Dusty Rose which is a muted pink/mauve shade, super flattering with most makeup looks and I wear it all the time.


The next set of liquid lipsticks were gifted to me this Christmas off my brother, he bought them on Black Friday when the 6 piece full size sets were released for a ridiculously cheap price so this set includes the shades: Requiem, Currant, Stripped, Dazed, Toast and American Doll.

And finally I treated myself to another liquid lipstick in the shade Trouble just after Christmas which is a light lilac/pink shade.

So I’m going to give each shade a rating out of 10 with a short description of how it applies and how it lasts.




Dusty Rose is great to apply it’s always opaque and never goes streaky and it does dry immediately. It does have good staying but once it crumbles, it has crumbled for good, it’s quite hard to reapply on top of but I’ve never been disgusted by how it looks. Oily foods will break down makeup especially this liquid lipstick. Once the lipstick does start to break up it goes darker so it can get quite noticeable but only to the person wearing it.



Super duper pigmented and opaque for such a unique colour this does have good staying power but instead of crumbling after a few hours it does fade so this one is much better to apply on top of, although because of it being such an interesting colour I don’t get that much use out of it.



Beautiful deep berry red which is one of my all time fave colours of lipstick. This one takes a little longer to dry matte at the beginning but once it’s matte and dry it is stuck to the lips, it gets dryer and dryer as the day goes on but doesn’t crumble and doesn’t fade, it’s one of few liquid lipsticks I trust not to crumble away and leave me with butthole lips.



More of a cool toned nude which I actually like a lot more than I thought I would. It applies like a dream, smooth, thin and opaque and never ever streaky and for a pale nude that surprises me. This has the second best staying power of them all really easy to reapply on top of if necessary. This type of colour would be 100% perfect for me if it was more of a neutral nude less cool toned.

DAZED 8/10


Similar view on Dazed as Requiem, this one also doesn’t crumble but can fade a little bit. It’s a beautiful more muted red which would be much more wearable on a day to day basis and I have found myself wearing this one a lot. My one top tip with these liquid lipsticks is to wipe off the excess product in the bottle because the thicker you apply it the more crumbly it will get, the thinner the layer the smoother the finish.

TOAST 10/10


I never thought I’d say this but I own a perfect brown liquid lipstick! Toast dries a lot darker on the lips which makes it a very grungy deep lip colour. This has the best formula of them all very very opaque and oils in food don’t seem to ruin this one. It’s quite a cool toned brown that doesn’t fade so on my pale skin it looks quite dramatic but for darker skin tones this would make a great staple nude.



Blue toned bright red lipsticks like this one are always a bit of a struggle as they always seem to smear everywhere and I almost have an exact dupe for this shade within Kat Von D’s range and I possibly prefer Kat’s over the ABH formula as it feels a bit too thick, it’s still great don’t get me wrong, very opaque easy to apply etc. But I probably wouldn’t have bought this shade as a single as I think Kat’s will be the one I reach for the most.



This is another shade that I think I have exact dupes of and I probably didn’t need to buy this one it’s very similar to Jeffree Star Cosmetics Deceased that light pink/mauve shade that dries down a bit darker on the lips. It’s lovely, still opaque and smooth I just definitely didn’t need another shade like this as I have so many already.




So those are my thoughts and you’ve seen the swatches that are so bold and bright in their own way and definitely pack a punch and I think you can tell that Stripped, Toast and Dazed are my favourites. I do think they are a good buy if you’re not bothered about overly dry formulas, it doesn’t bother me so much because I’m used to it but you can definitely feel them on the lips but they don’t budge unless they come into contact with a lot of oil.

Let me know if you have tried ABH liquid lipsticks or if you plan on picking any up! See you soon! xo


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