Hiya loves! As promised I’m back with part two to my ABH Subculture palette review. This time I’m showing you my first look with the palette, I did what quite a lot of people do with new palettes and I tried to use most colours so I’m not overly keen on the look I created but still I managed to test out 8 shades in the palette.

I’m going to go through step by step, unfortunately I don’t have pictures but I’ll give my honest and most detailed observations of each shade and I’ll give them a rating out of 10 for pigment and for blend-ability. I’m also adding in the brushes I used to see if that may help some people who are struggling blending the colours.


My first attempt using the subculture palette involved a warm smokey eye on top with a pop of colour underneath very basic I know but I couldn’t afford any mistakes as I was going to work that day.


The first shade I dipped into was Dawn, this will be my go to transition shade from this palette I just know it will! I blended this throughout my crease with a Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease brush and this blended out effortlessly and looked so smooth and was easy to build up even though one tap into the colour sorted one eye completely!


  • Pigment 10/10
  • Blend-ability 10/10


From here I wanted to build up the colour in my crease with a bit more warmth so I went into Roxy and again just one tap sorted out one eye, I used the same Zoeva brush from before and packed on a bit of colour on my outer V and blended through the crease, again this was so effortless and easy. Roxy gave the crease a bit more peachy pink tones which i’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting, I thought it would be a tad darker but ah well.


  • Pigment 10/10
  • Blend-ability 10/10


Since I was expecting a warmer colour I needed more depth since Roxy is on the pastel side so New Wave was the next darkest and this was the colour I needed a yellow toned orange which is super flattering, I feel like I’m repeating myself but again this shade was beautiful, very smooth and pigmented and I used the Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer to pack the colour on the outer corner and blend into the crease.


  • Pigment 10/10
  • Blend-ability 10/10



Now into the darker colours and one of the colours I was so excited for All Star. I wanted to use this shade to add a bit of colour and depth so I used the same Zoeva Soft Definer to pack on the colour and blend. I always use little at a time so I built up the colour slowly which is the best way to do it and on my left eye it looked really smokey and grungy but it does look a lot darker on the eye, however on my right eye it kept skipping a spot that no eyeshadow would sit on top of so I don’t know whether this was something on my eye if there was some residue on my concealer wasn’t set properly I do think this was a fault at my own but it would not take any colour. Regardless of this hiccup the shade was definitely pigmented but it was a chore to blend out but once it was blended it didn’t look patchy.


  • Pigment 10/10
  • Blend-ability 5/10


In an attempt to make the look a tad darker in the outer corner I went in with Rowdy which is the darkest shade in the palette and is a true cool toned purple. I did minimal blending with this shade as I just packed it on the outer corner using a Real Techniques Bold Metals 203 brush and then softly blending into All star and that was really easy, if I was to use more of this and had the need to blend I could imagine it going a little patchy as it is one of the dryer shades.


  • Pigment 10/10
  • Blend-ability 7/10


For the lid I was going to keep it blank so I cut the lid half way with my concealer but then I decided to try out Cube and this was a disappointment. I tried using a synthetic brush dry and no product was placed onto the lid, I tried with my finger and again all I got was a bit of pink reflect but no actual base colour, so I tried pushing the colour onto the lid with my finger and it just didn’t work. It looked really chalky on the lid and I wasn’t wowed my the reflect, I should have used Pink Heart from the Moonchild Glow kit instead.


  • Pigment 2/10
  • Blend-ability 2/10


Before moving onto the lower lash line I wanted to try Electric on my inner corner, I tried using a synthetic brush again and nothing happened, I tried my finger and again it was so sheer it was pretty pathetic really and a pointless step because I then went over the top with Lucky Clover from the Moonchild glow kit instead. I mentioned in my swatches that it just isn’t up to scratch it’s too sheer and the reflect isn’t intense enough to look good. I would love to know how people have made this work for them because I’m really struggling!


  • Pigment 1/10
  • Blend-ability I can’t really say



So after doing the rest of my face makeup I moved back to the lower lash line and I lined my waterline with a purple liner, I used MAC Cyber World lip liner which I love in my waterline. I also had applied a winged liner using the Nyx Epic Ink Liner. To begin the lower lash line I used Dawn again and blended this out pretty low down and then to add a pop of colour I used Axis on a smudger brush. Use whatever brush you prefer to tuck colour into the lower lashes I feel everyone has their own preferences especially when it comes to the lower lashes because I really dislike pencil brushes but some people swear by them so use whatever is most comfortable for you. I did experience a little fall out onto my cheeks when tucking Axis onto the lower lashes but I did just take a duo-fibre brush and swept it away no problem. What I did find to be an issue was when I came home from work Axis had transferred but only on one of my eyes and it left dark patches just underneath my eyes. Since it only did this on one of my eyes though I feel I may have added too much under one of them.



  • Pigment 9/10
  • Blend-ability I can’t really say



So that’s all for this eye makeup and my first tutorial using the Subculture palette. I still stick by my decision and think it is a lovely palette but by no means is it as perfect as the Modern Renaissance, the pressing of the shadows is different and so is the texture of some but it’s by no means a bad palette. It does require a little more effort but I’m alright with that because I take time on my eyes over anything else.

The key to this palette is a light hand and some decent blending brushes!

Overall do I recommend this palette? Yes, yes I do! It’s not for the faint hearted and does require skill to use which wouldn’t make it great for beginners, it would be an investment for sure but I do think some of these colours are very unique to me and my collection and have the best formulation for example Roxy and New Wave and just glorious shades to work with. I will be coming back with more tutorials using this palette for sure so stay tuned for them, but that includes my two-part review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette, do let me know your opinions on this palette what you think if you have it and if you will or won’t buy it!

See you soon loves! xo



    1. Axis is gorgeous and I really want to do a full tutorial using the colour as the main focus and I also got Electric to work now, the top layer of the show was somewhat greasy so now that i’ve warmed it up it works really well and is so metallic x


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