Hey loves, I was recently inspired by one of Jamie Genevieve’s recent videos, where she partnered up with Cult Beauty to show products that they stock and do a full tutorial using them and she of course used my beloved favourite palette, the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette. Now I know I said I’d shut up about this palette soon but this felt like fate so I had to try and recreate it!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 08.25.54.png

This makeup is what I wore in my Adventures in Adidas post just in case you were wondering. This eye makeup is pretty grungey, dark and smokey so not exactly everyones cup of tea for summer but I’ll wear a dark smokey eye any day of the year, so I’ll get cracking!

I’ll be focusing on the eyes in this one since my face routine basically stays the same the whole time. I am filling my brows in with the Zoeva Graphic Brows pencil and Makeup Revolution brow pomade and setting them into place with Nyx Control Freak.



For the eyes I followed Jamie’s tutorial to suit my eye shape, so I’ll link to Jamie’s video as she’ll probably explain it better than me! But I went in with the shade Transition after priming and setting my eyes with some face powder. I’m building up my crease and blowing out the colour Transition as the base shade of colour, and bringing this right into the inner most point of my crease but avoiding putting this colour on the lid.


And then going in with Hashtag which is the bright warm orange and just intensifying the crease more again still avoiding putting colour on the lid.

Now the main colour for this look is Teddy Bear which is like a plummy brown matte shade. Now I’m not used to going in with such dark colours on their own in the outer corners I usually build up the colours from light to dark all over so this took me the most time to blend but I definitely would recommend going in lightly on the outer corner and slowly blending out, but this colour is so stunning the purple undertone makes it so flattering. I swapped between Transition and Teddy Bear to make sure my blending was smooth.


So this look has a half cut crease involved and I used my Nars Soft matte concealer to cut the crease and I did this just over half way across my lid and this could easily be left matte, and have a complete matte blended eye but Jamie added one of the Stila Magnificent Metals liquid glitters which I don’t own any of yet so I had to find an eyeshadow similar and I couldn’t find one in the Violet Voss palette so I took the Morphe 35O and one of the metallic light peach shades, sprayed my brush with Fix Plus and pushed this into the lid. Where I went out of the lines I cleaned up with a pencil brush and the shade Teddy Bear to completely define the two areas of shadow.


Eyeliner is very important in this look so I created a thick wing using a mix of the Kat Von D Tattoo liner and the Nyx Epic Ink liner. And I filled in the spaces between my upper lashes with a black kohl pencil.

For the lower lashes I used a little bit of the Transition shade just to make the darker colour blend easier on top. And then I used Teddy Bear again and blended this out a lot and quite low below my lashes. Jamie didn’t put anything in the waterline but mine looked strange with nothing there so I found a deep purple pencil which was MAC Cyber World lip liner and smudged this between the lashes too.


After finishing the eye I wanted some more purple so I dipped into Wine N Dine and blended a bit of this between Teddy Bear and Transition in the crease and it added a bit more warmth to the look and tied into the purple waterline.


You could easily apply lashes but I was in a bit of a hurry so I just applied a lot of mascara using the usual Maybelline Lash Sensational. For the brow bone and inner corner I packed on the shade Crystal and later went on top with my face highlight from the Kat Von D Alchemist palette (Opal).


For the face I used my usual face products which are in every tutorial I do, but I did use Hourglass Mood Exposure blush and my highlight was a mix of Becca Moonstone, Sleek Solstice palette and Kat Von D Opal from the Alchemist palette.


Finally for lips I lined with MAC Whirl and then went on top with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dusty Rose liquid lipstick and dotted a little bit of Jeffree Star I’m Nude to lighten the centre and make it a bit more pink instead of purple to try and match Jamie’s lip colour a bit better.

And that is the look complete, I hope I did this a bit of justice as it did take a lot of blending time working with such dark colours straight away and I really wish I had one of Stila Magnificent metals liquid eyeshadows as that would have been a lot easier to use and wouldn’t have transferred as much on my hooded eyes which explains why my eye looks so shimmery all over. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Xo



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