Hey everyone! I really wanted to incorporate music back into my blog and I didn’t want it to exclusively feature in my favourites so I’m making an extra series dedicated to it.

“Play” will basically include 3 artists of the moment for me, it’s nothing to do with charts or anything like that, just my top 3 artists of the moment, and I don’t know how regular this series may be but this will essentially be artist and their song recommendations.

So I’m going to get straight into it and my first artist of “Play” series #1 is…


wiped out

This will hardly be surprising as they featured in my July Favourites and my song on my home page to my blog is currently ‘Single’ also by The Neighbourhood. I got introduced to the neighbourhood just over a year ago by my friend Kadie in college. The band have been around since 2011 and the album I’m going to reference today was released back in 2015 so it’s by no means anything new to the music scene but it’s an album I always go back to when I’m feeling a bit on the shitty side. I find their musical style especially throughout their album Wiped Out! to be extremely calming and relaxing.

Their style is described as alternative/experimental rock but it’s kinda other-worldly and it’s deep and dramatic but I freakin’ love it!


  • R.I.P to my youth
  • Prey
  • Single
  • Sweater Weather (I love you album)

Genuinely you should just listen to the whole Wiped Out! album it’s very easy listening!



royal blood.jpg

Again I mentioned these guys in a favourites and they are huge in the UK. The duo sound like a fully fledged 5 piece rock band but it’s just the two of them and that’s what baffled me from the start. The first time I heard Royal Blood was when I watched their set at Glastonbury festival on the tv and I thought they were mint, they created the best riffs, the most intense tunes. They are very rock based but also pretty indie with the vocal style. He has a very iconic and easily distinguishable voice, I always know when Royal Blood is playing. Their debut album was such a strong release and now their highly anticipated follow up album is here and it’s still filled with complete bangers!

I’d say Royal Blood are for lovers of, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age!


  • Lights Out
  • How did we get so dark?
  • I only lie when I love you
  • Figure it out (debut album)




Don Broco have been a love of mine since the start of college, they are so unique have amazing energy and enthusiasm and definitely are not scared to step outside the box with their musical style, lyrics and their epic music videos! Don Broco are innovative and have been since their first full length album, but their second album Automatic was one of my albums for life, I can listen to it all the way through know all the words to every song and they have such variety on that album. Their third full length is on the way and they have returned to their harder rock roots and the music videos have blowing peoples minds along with a prominent cowboy in every video!


  • Technology
  • Nerve
  • Everybody
  • You wanna know


That’s it for my first instalment of the Play series, so I want to know if any of you have listened to these bands and what you think and if you have any artists to recommend to me then I’ll be more than happy to give them a listen! Xo


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