Hey everyone! I think you’ll all know that these past few weeks have seen the Anastasia Beverly Hills Fall collection drop and break the internet. In the Fall collection they had the new Subculture eyeshadow palette, all new matte lipsticks, the liquid glows and they surprisingly brought back the Moonchild Glow Kit.

I’ve been wanting the Moonchild Glow Kit since they announced it’s released at least 2/3 years ago now but I found it impossible to get hold of in the UK and I didn’t fancy paying ridiculous shipping costs on the Anastasia website, so I waited and waited and now it’s finally back but I made a stupid mistake.

2017-08-03 10.16.31 1.jpg

When the launch came round onto Beauty Bay I blanked that the possibility of the glow kit returning to the site could actually happen so I quickly got to the checkout with the Subculture palette, paid and that was that, and then I saw that Moonchild was there and I was devastated, I couldn’t make two orders it was already expensive as it is so I told Lewis that I got the eyeshadow palette but not the highlighters and I was annoyed by it because I wouldn’t be able to get the glow kit until I got paid again which would be in about a month and it’ll probably be sold out. The response I got from Lewis was that I should trust him that it’ll be fine and I’ll get it eventually.

I then made my way to Lewis’ house since I was staying for a few nights and he told me that he would have a surprise for me the next day, little did I know at half 10 the following morning that we’d get woken up by the couriers and there was a box from Beauty Bay and inside was the Moonchild Glow Kit. Honestly I love him he organised such a lovely surprise with no hassle, no complaints and I’m so grateful for him treating me like a bloody princess!

So anyway soppy story over! I’m going to get into the review of this palette, I had very high expectations of it, so I was really hoping it would live up to those high expectations but first let’s talk packaging!



Simply a 10/10! I love everything rainbow and holographic and this is the whole point of this palette, to look ethereal and different from the rest! It’s sleek and compact, it doesn’t feel chunky or too heavy so you know there is no unnecessary packaging, nothing goes to waste.

The palette is inside a slide off card box which matches the box and I love little extras like that, it feels more luxurious and more expensive. Anastasia Beverly Hills have never flawed on packaging in terms of an aesthetic to me. The Modern Renaissance palette had the dusty pink velvet packaging, granted it just attracts mess but it’s super cute if you keep it clean. The moonchild glow kit doesn’t have the velvet casing but more like hard cardboard packaging so it still feels sturdy. The holographic writing is also a big hit for me I absolutely love it and I love Anastasia’s typeface for their products.


The palette doesn’t contain a mirror but none of the previous glow kits have either so I couldn’t expect one, but it would have been nice because this would have been a perfect size to use as a travel palette and compact to do your makeup on the go. The pan sizes are quite decent saying that the palette is small in comparison to the original glow kits, but I’m more than happy with the sizes beats the Kat Von D Alchemist palette any day those pan sizes are ridiculously small!


Now I’ve talked packaging lets have a look at the swatches and I’ll try and show these beauties on my face!


Once I opened this palette I felt like I was living a unicorn dream! Some shades look quite intimidating but I can tell you not to be afraid they are all about reflecting the light, they won’t leave a coloured stripe across your face.

I did some swatches on my arm and I lit the photos with my cute little unicorn glowing night light that Lewis got me from Firebox.

Without flash
With flash

The highlighters swatched really well but from first impression they seemed very glittery unlike my usual highlighters e.g. Becca Moonstone, Kat Von D Alchemist palette. From the swatches the shades I was most excited for were Blue Ice and Lucky Clover.

So those were my swatches and I thought they weren’t enough for the full review so I tried to capture the reflects on my face on camera, I heavy handedly applied the highlighters to see how they all pick up on the face whether they have a strong white base to them or not. And I used flash later on in the day so that the highlighters would truly pop!

Just a disclaimer my eye makeup definitely has worn off since I was wearing it for about 9 hours and my face always looks very flat in flash photography, but I know that these highlighters will apply better on a dewy face rather than flat matte since they have glitter particles in them.

Obviously like I said I’m not going to drench my forehead in a blue highlighter but as you can see they definitely do have different colours and reflects and don’t have a white base like most other highlighters of this type.

The most “wearable” shades I would say are Pink Heart, Star and Blue ice. I say “wearable” in quotations because to me all of these shades are wearable I’m not scared to wear multi-coloured highlighters I’ve mixed Pink Heart and Lucky Clover together and lived for it!

I do think some of these shades last longer than others for example, Lucky Clover, Purple Horseshoe and Blue Moon last the longest because they have a more colourful base to them whereas Star, Blue Ice and Pink Heart have more glitter and are more on the subtle side so wear off a little quicker but I experience this with most highlighters in general.

So do I recommend? I do indeed the palette is STUNNING! I prefer this palette in looks and shade range over the Aurora glow kit, I think these shades are much more wearable in comparison and for £39 you get quite a lot of product and I can’t wait to use this palette more!

That’s all for this first impression/review, I hope you enjoyed reading through and my swatches helped you decide if you want to purchase this palette or not, which you definitely should!

See you soon loves! xo



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