Hey loves! I’m bringing you a tutorial today that I created a very long time ago but got reminded of by a friend the other day. My friend Hannah named this look in my Instagram comments, this look is full of glitter and blues thus it’s called Galaxy Skies. Some of the products that I used back then I don’t have in my collection anymore so I may not have photos for everything.


Jumping in with brows I used the Anastasia dip brow to fill in my brows, I set into place using Nyx Control Freak and I cleaned up using MAC Select Cover up concealer.


Moving on to eyes I used the same concealer to cover up any dis-colouration and set with my face powder. I remember when I did this look the finished look was definitely not what I had planned, but I began using the Urban Decay Ultimate basics palette (not my favourite) and went in with the shade Commando(1) and then built up intensity using Tempted(2). I then built up the outer corner with Magnet(3) and slowly mixing in Blackjack(4) and smoking out into a blurred wing shape.


For the lid if I remember correctly I did smudge Blackjack(4) all over but I didn’t like it so I covered it up with glitter haha! So I got a bit of the Nyx glitter primer and packed on their glitter in Sapphire which is beautiful royal blue, to add a bit more dimension I added a bit of the Violet glitter on top this is what made it look like a galaxy. I added a bit of liquid liner just along my lash line and then tight-lined using Nyx tres Jolie eye pencil.

For the face I won’t have used a primer just a moisturiser and then I went in with Revlon Colourstay foundation and The Body Shop Lightening drops. For concealer I used Collection Lasting perfection and Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. I set my face with the MAC Mineralize skin finish natural in Light, and went over the top to add an overall glow with Bobbi Brown Porcelain Pearl.


I used the ABH contour kit to add some dimension to my face and to lightly bronze but for this look I kept looking pale as it was more striking against the dark eyes. I used Illamasqua tremble blush to add a light pink flush to my cheeks just to stop me from looking dead. And for highlight I used the MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Powder for that intense silver glow. I also popped this on my inner corner and brow bone.


Jumping back to under the eye I mixed Magnet and Blackjack and ran this all along my lower lash line and added the MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL black pencil in the waterline. For mascara I used the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir.



Finally for lips at the time I took MAC Oh Honey! lip liner but now I have Nothing Sexier (MAC) which is very similar and then filled in with the Nars Velvet Lip Glide in the shade Stripped.

So that’s all for this look, I know it’s a bit different and very not very summer-esque, but I’ve been wanting to put this tutorial up for a while now so hopefully you all enjoyed the final turn out! Xo



    1. Honestly it’s not great for proper full full coverage it’s good but I let my concealers do the work, it’s a nicer formulation that Estee Lauder double-wear (i presume that’s the one you’re using) but in terms of coverage it’s more of a medium coverage xo

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      1. I used to use Double-wear and i think Revlon colourstay is a lot thinner and doesn’t feel as heavy as double wear if that makes sense, the consistency of it is a lot runnier so it sits better on my skin personally and doesn’t bunch up around my nose xo

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      2. Like i say it’s more like a medium coverage but is a thin enough formula to build up and revlon do have the two lines of colourstay one for oily and one for dry skin so hopefully you should be able to find the perfect match! Xo

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