Hey loves, today i’m coming back with another OOTD style post focusing on a new tee I picked up in Urban Outfitters. Adidas clothing is very love it or hate it but I don’t mind their huge logos and sporty attire, as you can probably tell I’m not the most energetic person on the planet but as far as fast fashion goes I’m a lover of Adidas tees.

Again I got Nicole (perks of life) to take my photos, she shares my passion for getting just the right shot and we thought we’d take advantage of the fine weather and go on an adventure up the side of the valley in which we live.

I probably could have done with wearing some sturdier shoes but my Vans had to do and I was pretty warm in my Harrington style bomber jacket I picked up from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago. I do always find some lovely things in Urban Outfitters but it really can be on the expensive side, I think this jacket was £40 in the sale but like I said it was a couple of years ago now so unfortunately I can’t link to it!

My skirt you will have seen before in my Interview/Date Night OOTD and it’s really easy to dress up and dress down, it’s a comfy skirt to wear even though it’s a thick and stiff material, I don’t think I’ve ever got so much use out of a skirt, I wear it for work, for nights out, for causal days like this one and it just works with a casual tee or a smart blouse.


In terms of dressing it down though I love to wear this style of vans or the low converse that I featured in Casual Saturday 2.0. I feel this sort of style doesn’t work with hi-tops especially not hi-top vans just really isn’t that flattering but onto the actual clothing item that this post was all about. And I also took my trusty Vans backpack with me of course!


The white and baby pink Adidas Originals tee, I saw this in Urban Outfitters and I thought this couldn’t be a more perfect colour combination for myself, I love baby pink and dusty lilacs at the moment so I’ve absolutely fallen for this tee. Adidas quality is amazingly good, the t-shirt material is quite thick so it will keep you warm, it’s super soft and comfy as well! The one thing I thought was weird is the sizing, this tee is in an XS I’ve never been an XS in my life it’s a UK size 6 and I’m usually a size 12, I was utterly shocked because this t-shirt is still really big on me and actually has the length of a mini dress, so all I could put this down to is unisex sizing but it just seemed huge! But this means that I could wear it round the house as a cosy shirt as well as tucking it into jeans or a skirt and walking around town in it.

I do absolutely love this shirt I’m so happy that I finally have one, I know they seem very basic but I’ve loved Adidas for the longest time since my brother gave me his hand me downs, but now I have one for myself and you can really tell the change in material and quality over the years of their clothing production.


As far as I’m aware this colour combo isn’t a new arrival to Adidas or Urban Outfitters. Without student discount I would have paid £35 for this tee yet on the Adidas website it’s £32.95 which was basically the price I paid with my discount so I’m not complaining.



TEE @ Adidas / Urban Outfitters



Okay you guys that’s all for this lil’ Adidas feature, and I hope you enjoyed reading! Xo



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