Hey everyone, the title of this post looks a bit frantic but I promise I’m not insane, in todays post I’m really looking for your help and recommendations of certain types of products. If any of you do interact with this post please please pleaseee let me know what you would suggest to me in the comments I’m really stuck!

My first struggle is a hand cream. I have very dry hands with spots of excema, and I’m looking for a hand cream that will keep hands feeling soft and supple but not leave a greasy residue or irritate my existing excema. I’ve tried hand creams from The Body Shop but I have no idea where else to start looking.

Leading on from that I’m also looking for a body cream or body butter that again doesn’t leave a greasy film, doesn’t have an overpowering scent as this seems to make my skin flare up big time. I’ve used The Body Shop body butters in the past but they just don’t seem to have a lasting effect.

Moving onto hair, I’m looking for a really strong heat protectant! I love styling my hair, whether it’s straightening or curling but my hair is very dry and very coarse and very thick, most heat protectants seem to make my hair frizz more which is what i’m trying to avoid. So if any of you know of any good heat protectants I’ll be more than willing to try them out!

Still relating to hair do any of you recommend any hair masks? One that is easy to use and easy to keep on top of. I’m trying to make more of an effort to look after my hair and would love to know your favourite hair masks.

I’m also wanting to find a good lip balm/lip oil, I’ve found my perfect lip scrub but I always need more hydration so I’m looking for a lip balm/oil that doesn’t leave a weird waxy film on top or leave my lips feeling sticky so I can get the best out of my lips before applying lipstick.

And finally this one is a biggie for me. I sometimes get unwanted texture on my chin, cheeks and forehead so I’m looking for a very gentle exfoliator that won’t my skin flare up give me unwanted patches of sensitive skin. I do have really dry skin so to combat this extra texture it’s incredibly difficult and the cleansers and toners in my current skincare routine don’t quite get rid of it all. It would be a major help if any of you could suggest something for this part especially!

That’s my cry for help over in this post, like I said at the beginning you’d be an absolute saviour if you could recommend me some products for these different areas in the comments. I trust all of your opinions so fingers crossed I’ll find something that works! See you soon! Xo


20 Replies to “I WANT YOUR HELP!”

  1. Okay, for heat protectant, I would recommend the garnier ultimate blends frizzy hair oil, it heat protects and makes your hair so soft, I would give it a go, I love it! Lip balm, my holy grail is the Nivea lip butter 😍😍 good luck with your hunt 💖

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  2. For body lotion I am in love the Vaseline ones, the yellow one is my favourite, but my mother swears by the cocoa butter one. For lip Bal, I love the Nivea Hydro Care one. The tube is white with a light blue lid.
    I am in need of a really good hand cream as well, my hands are always super dry and the doctor have even said there is nothing they can recommend for me. I have tried everything from the doctors prescribes creams to Kihels. I just cant seem to find anything that works for me! xo

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    1. Everyone seems to be saying nivea for lip balms so i reckon they’ll be a good shout! And same my dad has a prescribed one from the doctors and it works for him but leaves mine just feeling greasy and chapped i’ve tried body shop aswell and that one was okay but still left a greasy film on it xo

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      1. me too! I have completely stopped at a dead end, I have given up for a while now because I just get totally stressed out about it! xo

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  3. Lip: Mac Prep & Prime lip is such a good lipstick base if you apply it liberally and let it set in a few min before your lipstick application. Scrub: Acure brightening facial scrub- Some say it is a dupe for ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville. This was an awesome post idea btw!

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  4. I always use Vaseline lip balm (the cocoa butter one) before applying lipstick!! I put a little bit on and rub it in before applying my makeup and then wipe off whatever excess that didn’t soak in before putting on lipstick!! I find it helps a lot!!

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  5. I recomend Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for your lips. Its useful for so many things but its great to soften skin. O’Keeffes working hands is the best hand cream i have tried and I am not sure where you are but Boots No7 do a fantastic microdermabrasion cream which makes skin super soft and silky x

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  6. I’m not sure which hand creams you’ve tried from the Body Shop. The shea one and the almond and honey one aren’t heavily scented. There is also an almond hand butter that is a bit more heavy-duty than the other creams. I do have dry hands, but I don’t have excema, so unfortunately I don’t know how good these products are for that. Other handcreams that I like are the Cowpat one from the Cowshed (it is scented, but it leaves the hands moisturised for a long time), Hand Food from Soap and Glory, and shea butter handcream from L’Occitane.
    In terms of hair masks, I’m enjoying a pack of three that I got from 7th Heaven at the moment. There was a honey one, a papaya one, and I can’t remember the last one! The Body Shop has also brought out a new banana one, but I haven’t tried it yet.
    Hope some of these suggestions helped!

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  7. I lived in the desert and had really dry lips. The very best product – and I tried lots – was Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vit. E & Peppermint. The mint is really soothing/healing. I apply it, pat some off and then apply lipstick. A great product. It’s readily available and is very inexpensive.

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