Hey everyone! Over the past week I’ve been testing out the Instagram hyped Glamglow Gravitymud Firming treatment Sonic mask. This crazy blue metallic peel off mask has been featured all over Instagram and Youtube and it finally came to the UK in the little collectable tubes. I just couldn’t resist any longer and wanted to try it out!


So the tube is pretty small and it costs £14 so I know it’s a rip off but for the purpose of this we’re going to see how many uses I get out of it for the £14. So far I’ve used the mask twice as it says to use it twice a week. But before I get into my experience with the mask let’s talk packaging.


The collectable sonic character boxes is a super cute idea and of course I got the Tails box (my fave) and the box itself is produced and put together with the usual Glamglow greeting “hello sexy” in the lid. The tube is very small but is blue and has a pale outline of sonic on the bottle. I do love the packaging I can’t fault it but one thing I was very disheartened by was when I peel the foil cap off I squeezed the bottle and half of it was air, the bottle wasn’t full with product which was incredibly annoying bearing in mind how much I spent on the very small bottle. I know if Glamglow did this in the full size tub then the product will be filled to the brim so I don’t know why they skipped this out here, I was skeptical as to how many uses I would now get from this bottle.

This bottle hasn’t been used yet! So much air came out and no product!

For the record you’re supposed to get 5oz of product in the tube but I’m sure I got less!


So the instructions on the box say to apply a generous even layer all over the skin avoiding the immediate eye and lip area and the hairline, since it’s a peel off mask it will grab onto any baby hairs, so I was scared to apply this anywhere near my eyebrows because I have tiny little invisible hairs everywhere. But I did as the box said and noticed that the formula is extremely stiff and thick it doesn’t spread that easily, I felt like I was using so much product to cover my whole face, but it does start to dry almost instantly and you can tell because if you try to layer it, the mask underneath starts to resist it.

Excuse my brothers work jacket in the background! 

So once applied to my face I was blown away with how metallic the mask actually is and the immediate effect was quite cooling, I’ve never tried a peel off mask like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. On the face even though the formula is very thick it didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable like some masks do, I could still move my face and smile without it cracking!


Glamglow say to leave the mask on between 20-30 minutes so to pass the time I was snapchatting my friends and I started to feel a real difference around the 10-15 minute mark as the mask started to feel tighter and more secure, at this point it was already pretty much dry, but I still kept it on for the recommended time to get a full first impression out of it.

One thing I noticed after about 10 minutes was I started to feel very lightheaded and I’m 99.9% sure it was because of the smell of the mask, I can’t quite put my finger on the smell but it’s something familiar quite chemically, but it smells like a lotion of some sort and it just didn’t agree with me, I had such a big headache but I was determined to see the mask through I just breathed through my mouth instead of my nose.

So at the 25 minute mark the smell became too over-powering and I decided it was time to take it off I couldn’t wait. It was quite hard to grab the first part to peel off, I think I left the mask too thin at the outer edge as it kept ripping but I got a good peel for the rest of my face and it didn’t hurt at all, was actually quite satisfying to do!

The mask is now fully dry and ready to peel! The appearance doesn’t change much just the feeling of it against your fingertips. 

I dropped the mask in the sink which was a bad idea it got stuck, once it’s mixed with water it turns into a paste so I had to scrub at the sink to get it to wash away. I had a couple of remaining strands on my face so I rubbed them away with some warm water.

So this mask claims that it firms and tightens and makes the skin look more lifted, I can agree with the first two, my skin felt tight and firm and because of this it felt smooth for that day and the next when I applied my makeup, my face had never looked so fresh and smooth with a cake face on, so I’m presuming it was down to the mask, and I will try it again once I’ve sorted out my blackheads and pore issues. I don’t really know how to judge a lifted appearance I would presume that lifting would be associated to anti-ageing and I don’t see any immediate effect with that but then again I am only 19 and the places I age aren’t suitable to put the face mask on.

Ignore my weird baby hair thing, been trying to grow them out for a couple of months! 


I’ll be real with you all I did the exact same steps this time and the smell was still too over-powering for me it was really giving me a headache, but again I saw it through and I had even more trouble trying to peel this off in one go, I think I must have left it too thin all over this time! Honestly I was scared about using the whole product up it feels like you’re using so much at one time. Now I was applying this with my fingers because I don’t have a tool for this sort of mask application I didn’t have a clean makeup brush that would really be great for spreading a thick product about, maybe a tool to spread the mask might make you use less product but I have honestly no idea!

After I peeled it off my skin felt soft and smooth but no real lifted appearance, I didn’t get revolutionary results.

Will I repurchase?

Honestly I’m not sure because it is expensive for such a small tube, I could probably live without it but if I didn’t have so many problems with spots I reckon it would have a greater result. I’m writing this a few days after using it and my skin still feels soft and I’ve not used another mask since. It’s a good mask don’t get me wrong but not for the younger generations. I know everyone says to start with anti-ageing products early but this mask is so expensive it’s not worth it to younger consumers, I would recommend someone with more mature skin to try it out, I tried asking my mum but she ain’t a fan of face masks so it didn’t go down well!

What I would suggest doing if you do ever try this mask is:

  • Apply a thicker layer than you think so it’ll be easier to pull off.
  • Leave it on for the full 30 minutes.
  • Try this mask on a good skin day (little breakouts).
  • And if you hate strong smells then definitely learn to solely breathe out of your mouth!


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 22.21.53.png

I know my review was a little inconclusive but I’ll do an update hopefully in my August faves or maybe in a separate post all together once I’ve used the bottle up to confirm my thoughts. For mature skin this could be a fantastic part of the skincare routine and prove to have lasting results after continuous use and of course it’s annoying that the sample size is the only one available anymore, but Glamglow do have the Silver Firming Treatment which is extremely similar to the Sonic mask so if you wanted a full size then that one would be the best to go for!

So I hope this review helped some of you who may have wanted to try the mask and do let me know your thoughts! Xo



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