Hey everyone! I have my July Favourites for you today. This month I’ve been embracing the hot weather within my fashion and makeup so hopefully this favourites post will be a little different for you! Of course I’ll be starting off with beauty and finishing with music, so I’ll get into it!




When it comes to the summer months I can never be bothered to wear eyeliner but I always wanna look glam so I bring out the lashes and of course the glitter. I’ll get onto lashes next but a glitter I’ve been loving is the Nyx glitter in Rose. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this shade of the Nyx glitter for ever and it was finally back in stock so I grabbed a pot and so did my friend Hannah. It’s a beautiful cool toned pink so looks pretty girly but super cute! But on the days that I will wear eyeliner I’ve been using the Epic Ink liner, I did a proper review of this eyeliner in my July Monthly product reviews so make sure to check that out to see what I think.



So I just mentioned that I bring out the lashes in summer and last month I preferred the Petit Fleur lashes but the Fleur Loves are a lot more dense and long, still wispy they are such pretty lashes and I’ve been using these more than the Petit Fleur’s when I don’t wear eyeliner and they just make my eyes look bigger and more dramatic.


An oldie but a good, without fail in summer I will start using this palette again, the intense reflects on all the shades are what impress me and draw me to this palette especially the pale gold and the lilac shade, they are so reflective and just give off such a gorgeous glow it gives your face so much life and just looks so stunning I can’t speak more highly of this palette!



I’m not going to say much about this palette because I’ve not shut up about it all month take a look at my first impression/review on this palette to see my full thoughts! But put it this way it’s the only palette I’ve used all month!



Again another product I’ve already done a full review on but I’ve been personally loving this colour out of the two I own. Syruptitious is quite a deep purple but it’s quite muted and more on the mauve side so it’s extremely wearable and is quite a mature shade. I love this formula and love the uniqueness of this shade!



Bit of an odd one to have in a favourites but I’ve never known an anti-perspirant to have such a big effect. It really works, the smell is a bit weird like it hasn’t got the most pleasant scent when you first spray it but it does keep me dry for a longer period of time to my regular anti-perspirant. I’m currently using the aerosol but I do also have the roll on to try as well, but I’ll definitely be repurchasing this spray.



Since having my haircut at the start of the month I noticed my hairdresser using an oil on my hair to keep it smooth since my hair is ridiculously frizzy. She was using a really expensive oil and I couldn’t afford to splurge on that one, so I went into Boots and saw the Lee Stafford one with Argan Oil for around £7/£8. I bought it hoping it would do the job and it definitely does! It does feel very oily obviously on the hands but once ran through the hair it really does smooth it and make it look healthier after styling.



My first fashion favourite has to be my favourite dress from Topshop. I was struggling to find the perfect dress for my birthday and one day I just stumbled across this dress tried it on and fell in love. I’ve dressed it up with heels on my birthday and dressed it down with Vans on a childish day out. It’s a summer staple yet will have a special place in my heart as my 19th birthday dress! The dress is actually a top from a brand called Love which is stocked in Topshop but only certain stores, it’s described as a tunic but since I’m only 5ft 4″ it just acts as a short dress on me and I absolutely freaking love it! If I remember correctly it was £36.



I have a small but growing collection of Vans I just find them so comfortable, can throw them on with any outfit and they always come out with the sweetest colours and styles. I saw the very pale lilac colour of the leather zip vans and they didn’t have my size in store so I instantly ordered them online and I did have to break these in for a while because they are leather but now I’ve broken them in they are the perfect summer sneaker for me. As you can see I’m wearing them with my birthday dress above I find them so comfy and Vans seem to suit me more over converse or nike shoes. I’m a low key Vans super fan I love their shoes, clothing and accessories and hopefully these should last me a good while!


(Click on the images for the song)

royal blood

In terms of new music this month there’s not been that much, however I did see that Royal Blood have released their new album and it’s full of complete bangers! I loved Royal Blood’s debut album and for the release of their follow up they partnered up with Samsung for a 360 degree event and they released their lead single ‘Light’s Out’. So if you like classic rock with that indie vibe then definitely check out ‘Light’s Out’ and their album ‘How did we get so dark?’.

punk goes pop.jpeg

Another new release was from Fearless Records. If any of you aren’t aware of Fearless Records they created the Punk Goes Pop albums which are quite a guilty pleasure of mine! Although this year the tracklisting wasn’t that great, they’ve started using upcoming bands on the albums which is obviously great for band promotion but you need veterans of the punk goes pop scene to keep the hype going and this year the album has been met with criticism but my favourites, State Champs were included recording a cover of Stitches originally by Shawn Mendes. I flippin’ love this cover it’s fabulous!

wiped out.jpg

And finally the song I’ve had on repeat and is now on my main page for my blog is Single by The Neighbourhood. It’s not a new release or was it a single at the time of release, but it’s a very chilled song with a relaxing beat and cute lyrics. When I’m wanting background music this is my go to song as it’s not overly distracting it’s mellow and I can lose myself with the song, it’s a beauty!

So that wraps up my July Favourites, hope you enjoyed reading through and let’s roll on into August! Anyone else think this summer is going fast?! Surely I’m not the only one! Xo


17 Replies to “JULY FAVOURITES”

  1. I keep meaning to buy myself the sleek highlight palette because it is so gorgeous, and so is that eyeshadow palette! Also I love the Vans, I’ve been trying to stop myself buying them but in a different colour!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You literally have nothing to lose with the sleek palette it’s so inexpensive and i’m on my second palette i used my first one to death! Violet voss shadows are so perfect too! And they are such a good summer purchase even though they are leather they don’t feel heavy or anything and are relatively easy to clean but they are 1 of 2 pairs of vans that i had to break in loads and i never usually have a problem! Xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Honestly i’m not fab at eyelashes either but i just use the glue that comes with the eyelure lashes it’s good enough for me but everyone swears my duo lash adhesive xo


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