Hey everyone! It feels like forever since I’ve done a proper first impression on a skincare item, I think my last was the L’Oreal Clay mask. Well today I’m coming back with another skincare item on the cheaper side.

I’ve seen these knocking about Instagram and Youtube for a while now but never really knew where to get my hands on them and I also thought they were pretty pointless but after seeing Chloe Morello use them I knew I just had to find them! And low and behold I walked into Urban Outfitters and there they were calling my name on the way to the tills! In the sections they had the tulip petals, cucumber slices, watermelon and orange. I was with Lew at the time I asked his opinion on which two I should get and he said Watermelon and Orange.


In each pack you get 12 slices of the mask and they cost Β£4.00 per pack. You can see when you pick up the packet that it is completely saturated with a liquidy serum/gel, it looks pretty overwhelming. So the Watermelon sheets say they hydrate and the Orange sheets say they keep the elasticity in the skin, so I planned on mixing the two putting the watermelon sheets on my chin, cheeks and one in the middle of my forehead and putting the orange ones around the perimeter of my face but that plan got changed when I opened the packet.


The packet is awkward since it’s just a rip off plastic packet, I can’t find a way to reseal them, so for example lets say you used half of the packet and wanted to save the rest for another use they would dry up, the serum would leak everywhere so I ended up using all Watermelon ones and no Oranges. So really this review is just of the Watermelon masks unfortunately, but I will be trying out the Oranges at another time.

So the instructions say to peel off the circular shapes and place them on the areas you want them and leave on your face for 20-30 minutes. Honestly I looked ridiculous to begin with. My skin at the start was feeling smooth but generally dehydrated so I placed 3 around my chin, one on each cheek, 3 on the forehead, one on the nose and the rest around the outside of my face. The slices are so slippy and so fragile as they are completely and utterly saturated with this hydrating serum.

It was hard to move my face because they constantly felt like they were slipping off especially the 3 on my chin but I got used to it after a while. The initial and overall effect was very cooling so it made my skin feel very refreshed and it definitely woke me up.


I did have to readjust some of the slices as they kept creasing but at around the 15 minute mark one on my chin had started to go lighter in colour meaning my skin had absorbed all the product from that particular slice. This helped me to determine the most dehydrated parts of my face which were my nose and chin.

I ended up removing one of the chin slices early as it was just falling off because it was so dry but the others I left on until the 25 minute mark when one on my forehead, my cheeks and my nose started to crease. Some of the slices still had a little product left in them but not enough for another use.


After removing the slices it says to massage the excess serum into the skin, so I had a little excess clearly because my skin was feeling so dry but I took some of the extra gel from the packet and rubbed that on places that I couldn’t fit a slice so around my eyes and upper lip. This helped to give my skin overall hydration and it made my skin feel really smooth afterwards.


The watermelon slices do what they say, they do leave the skin feeling hydrated, for a little while after massaging the product in it felt tacky which means if you wanted to put makeup on just after it could work really well with your primer to get the foundation to stick to your face and fingers crossed increase the longevity! But other than that I think that’s this review done, I’ll probably buy the watermelon slices again as they do leave my skin feeling really hydrated but I know I need to focus on detox/clarifying masks to help out my pores and active spots.

Let me know if you’ve tried these fruit sheet masks or if you want to try them out in the comments! Xo





  1. I hadn’t heard of these before. It sounds like an interesting idea, but I think that sheet masks would be better at staying in place because I could imagine the slices slipping around! Stil, I could see them working for someone who only wants to work on part of the face.

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    1. They have different slices for different purposes some hydrate and some brighten etc so the point of them is target specific areas of the skin but i had no idea how to store the left over ones that i wouldn’t have used so just used them all because they are inexpensive i could easily buy the pack again! But yeah they were slightly uncomfortable because they were slippy but they did sit more comfortably than other sheet masks i’ve tried

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