Hey loves! It’s that time of the month for a New Product Reviews! I’m sticking to my usual 4 items and they do all vary in price so hopefully they’ll be something for all of you to maybe try out too!

I’ll jump straight into it and start with the drugstore.


In my last monthly product reviews I shared my thoughts on Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner and already I think I’ve found my cheaper replacement. I usually HATE Nyx’s liquid eyeliners they are dry, chunky and flaky and so uncomfortable but this one seemed different for one it’s a felt tip nib which is what I generally prefer and it looks so similar to Kat Von D’s felt tip nib but it’s slightly smaller. The formula as it suggests is inky and very wet but does dry with a sort of satin finish which I’m totally cool with.

On my first use I was so annoyed because as soon as I put it on my eye it started to bleed into all my tiny little fine lines I was mortified but it was my mistake I forgot to shake it! Definitely shake it before every use or it will come out like black water. I find the product so easy to work with it glides over the eye, glides over chunky shimmers and glitters, it’s lovely to use! And so far I’ve used it the same amount as my Kat Von D eyeliner and it’s still pitch black, it’s packed full of pigment and I’m so grateful for that. So NYX GOOD JOB!


Oh guess what another NYX product! I’ve found over the past couple of months if I’m drawn to any drugstore brand it’s NYX, I don’t find any of the “original” drugstore brands interesting, by original I mean Rimmel, L’Oreal, Sleek, Barry M etc. Anyway me and my friend were looking at NYX pencil eyeliners and I looked at the jumbo eye pencils which are what I usually gravitate towards, but we were looking at their Slide on eye pencils but above were the new Faux Whites. I’ve always wanted to try pastel coloured eyeliners as I find they look so much more flattering than stark white, so I picked up White Smoke which is described as a Periwinkle shade but I’d say it was a very pale lilac. I’ve actually used this with a muted purple cut crease and honestly it makes my eyes look huge and I’m not mad about it!

The pencil is very easy to use, very creamy and easily blendable but it does stay put, which I’m happy to report! I’m definitely going to be buying more of these pencils as I just find them so flattering and perfect for summer!


I’m always on the hunt for new brow products, from pencils, to pomades to gels and this time I’ve been trying out Makeup Revolution’s brow pomade. The packaging looks very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow but the formula is a little dryer. However it is miles better the Nyx Tame and Frame. For £6.00 you get a very decent amount of product and the packaging doesn’t even feel cheap but the brush it comes with is useless so I threw it away straight away!

The pomade itself is pretty stiff and dry but I’m actually quite liking this at the moment because I’m mainly using pencils I only want to use the pomade in the tail end of the brow so it adds a bit more colour and sharpness but once it’s on my brows it doesn’t budge because it is a dryer formula so it does really remind me of the ABH dipbrow pomade but I’ll have to wait and see how quickly this dries up in comparison but it’s a really lovely dupe for it!


I got gifted two of the lip whips from my brother for my birthday and I’ve always wanted to try this formula and it pleasantly surprised me. I have the shades Gingersnap and Syruptitious and the first thing I noticed was that both the boxes had different prints on them so I don’t know what the deal was with that because I know the colours have both been apart of their line for a while now but anyway. The packaging is super duper cute with the metallic blue lid and frosted plastic container. The applicator is different to all other liquid lipsticks I have but my god it’s good. The tear drop is perfect for covering most of the lips and the point for getting precise lines but the centre of the teardrop holds more product so it’s very rare that I have to dip in twice when doing my lipstick.

The formula is very thin and wet but it dries almost immediately so you gotta work quick with these. Now I will be honest when I say dry I mean it won’t transfer but if you push your lips together there is still some slight tackiness but it doesn’t bother me at all. Honestly these are the most long lasting liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried I’ve drank and I’ve ate I’ve talked etc and they don’t transfer! These lipsticks are an absolute pain to take off! Once this lipstick is on you ain’t changing your lip colour without taking your foundation off too! You need a really strong oil based makeup remover to take these off, it’s almost like they contain glue they just really grip onto the lips but yet don’t feel uncomfortable. It’s a mind-boggling formula I just can’t get my head round it but I will be buying more for sure!

I hope you enjoyed my July Product Reviews let me know what you think of the products and if there is anything you want me to try out for you all! Xo


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