Hey loves! I’m trying to include more lifestyle and day trip type posts on my blog so today I’m going to show you mine and Lew’s day out to Jurassic Kingdom.

Jurassic Kingdom is a tour going round the UK and basically it’s a little trail which has a load of animatronic dinosaurs, food venders, drink stands and little activities, obviously this is aimed at like 6 year olds but I gotta hold onto my youth for another year til I hit 20. Me and Lew love all things to do with dinosaurs I’ve always found them fascinating, and we love organising days like this.


So we reunited in Manchester and had some lunch but then made our way out to Phillip’s park near the Ethiad Stadium in Manchester where the trail was being held. It didn’t take too long to get there and we definitely picked a bloody good day to go, the weather was glorious! We showed our tickets and started the little trail, it was clear that all the dinosaurs were on sensors, parts of the body moved and they had little signs to inform you of all the details, so it was like a small outdoor museum.

We found even more dinosaurs and nearly walked into a Pteranodon and took some cute selfies. Popped our heads through some dinosaur eggs, got a drink and found our new rides!


After this we sat down in the shade and just chilled out caught up with each other and just watched everyone enjoying themselves.


DRESS: Topshop BAG: New Look SHOES: Vans SUNNIES: Topshop

We continued onto the second half of the trail explored a little bit of the forest and then had another chill before we left back into the centre of Manchester where I did a spot of shopping and then went for some food at TGI’s before we left each other again since we both had work the next day.



Honestly I had such a lovely day and I know this post is a quick one but I love giving updates when me and Lew reunite and see each other again, I’m grateful to go out and do stuff like this since I’ve never had anyone in my life who wants to do the exact same things as me so I’m definitely making the most of it and making the most of all the time I get to spend with Lew over the summer! Xo



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