Hey everyone, I’m coming back today with my third and final part of my little birthday series. I’m going to show you some of the presents I was very lucky to receive on my 19th birthday. I’m not going to be showing all of them as I always get little bits and bobs which I really appreciate but aren’t overly interesting to take photos of.

*Just to say I’m not trying to brag or in any way say I expected these presents, I know I’ve been very lucky this year, just thought it would be a cute idea to show some of my new gifts*

So I’m going to start with the presents I got from my family. So I know quite a lot of people would expect me to get makeup from my parents but my mum knows I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with buying new makeup all the time, so she thinks that if I want to pursue makeup that I should use my wages to buy it which is completely fair enough and it’s a smart decision on her front.


But what my mum and dad did get me was a graphics tablet. Whilst I’d been at uni I’d learnt how to use the big WACOM tablets that work as a dual screen for computers as well as a creative tablet, so I got one of these for myself. It’s not the best thing to carry about but I couldn’t care less I love using it for my idea generation and editing, it also comes in handy for the blog and of course watching films whilst I do work! So the tablet was my main present but I did get a few other goodies from my mum for my flat that I’m moving into in September.


Now to you bedding may seem boring but I gotta acheive that perfect aesthetic and my mum did good with the plant based bedding she got me some quilt covers and sheets and honestly I’ve never been so excited to make a bed before!


She also got me some cactus soap, I love mini cacti and I will be getting some for my room in September but for now I have some soap to get me by!


I also got a new pair of tweezers, I ruined my last pair when putting lashes on so I’m having a pair for lashes and a pair for plucking so of course she got me some Tweezerman tweezers which are my personal fave!

My mum also got me this super cute white crochet trimmed top from New Look, usually she never gets me clothes without my supervision because we never agree but this time she did good I love this top it’s perfect for summer!



My brother got me a few makeup goodies including two of the Beauty Bakerie Lip whips in the shades Syruptitious and Gingersnap, I’ll have a short review on these in my New Product Reviews for July, but I am so excited about these liquid lipsticks! He also got me two packs of the Mykitco face charts. I’ve been wanting to start this side project including face charts inspired by certain makeup products/ makeup item names so he got me 30 face charts to get me started and I can’t wait to get producing them!



And finally from Lewis as you all know he bought me the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette which I am so so grateful for and eventually I will stop talking about it! But alongside this we wanted to get each other funny and somewhat practical presents so he got me a little iron on patch which I saw months and months ago when we first met and he tracked it down and bought it for me and I honestly nearly cried!


Another prezzie Lew got me was a Uni the unicorn nightlight for my room in the flat next year, it’s a tiny little light but I adore it and it’s purple uniqueness! I posted this next gift on my snapchat (steph_gracey). Me and Lewis first bonded over Pokemon Go when that was still a thing and my favourite Pokemon is Squirtle and his is Snorlax so we agreed before we even started dating that we would get each other plushies for our birthdays so we stuck to our promise and I bought Lew a little Snorlax about 12 inches tall…Lew may have read the measurements wrong for the Squirtle…because it’s absolutely HUGE!! But I am so in love with it, I was and still am utterly shook!


The final gift from Lew was a personal one, since we are both Graphic designers he decided to design two little pieces for me, one which is full of my favourite things and another which I requested a while ago but never thought he would actually design for me. Lewis mainly works in flat design and works in tones of colour and creates really aesthetically pleasing pieces of design so he created a pink/purple landscape scene for me with two little silhouetted pandas cuddling looking at the sunset. Lew calls me his panda and once I opened this I started to cry it’s the cutest and most thoughtful gift I’m in love!



I’ve only included a select few presents in this post from my closest family and obviously Lew. I hope you enjoyed this post and my little birthday series, let’s roll on to my next birthday! Xo



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