Hey everyone, I’m talking to you today about a new release from MAC. Now everyone these days has their lip kits from Kylie to Barry M to Huda Beauty the list goes on and now MAC has jumped on the lip kit bandwagon. Online MAC have been putting together lipstick and lip liner duos and as far as I’m aware they didn’t come in any fancy packaging they were just suggested combinations for a smaller price tag.

But I walked into MAC in Selfridges, Manchester the other day and it was ALL about the lips and I noticed the packaged lip duos for some of the best-selling lipstick shades.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 14.05.20.png

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging I absolutely love it! It’s so retro and reminds me of editorial work. The white boxes stand out against MAC’s all black packaging and I’m all about that, I do prefer white packaging in general it’s so inviting!


The packaging includes swatch lines of the lipstick colour inside with a set of lips also wearing the lipstick colour. I’m not exactly sure what it is but once I set eyes on these kits I knew I had to leave with one and I plan on keeping the box for a long time.



In store and online the colour combinations available are:

  • HONEYLOVE (lipstick) and SUBCULTURE (lip liner)
  • VELVET TEDDY (lipstick) and BOLDLY BARE (lip liner)
  • MEHR (lipstick) and SOAR (lip liner)
  • WHIRL (lipstick) and WHIRL (lip liner)
  • ANTIQUE VELVET (lipstick) and CHESTNUT (lip liner) (USA)
  • RUBY WOO (lipstick) and RUBY WOO (lip liner) (UK)
  • SIN (lipstick) and BURGUNDY (lip liner)


The actual value of both the lipstick and lip liner in the UK is the same as it is in the duo coming to a total of £29.50 whereas in the US you save around $5 which I personally don’t understand why they wouldn’t put a saving on the lip duos in the UK. So in theory you get a free pretty box in the UK so whether it’s worth it or not I’m not sure.

If you were desperate to get a freebie I know in Selfridges MAC offer a box with different lip duo colours and you get a free mascara and that comes to same price, but I still bought the duo simply because 1) cute packaging and 2) I hate MAC mascaras it would just get thrown away.



I do love the idea of the lip duos especially for beginners to MAC because looking at the lipstick stand can be so overwhelming, and you’re not being fooled into buying an off colour combination because the lip liners and lipsticks match perfectly so that 90’s lip with the slightly darker lip liner to create a perfect pout isn’t something MAC were trying to achieve with these lip duos.


Now I know the MAC lipstick formula quite well and their matte lipsticks are quite a comfortable matte, it’s the retro matte I tend to avoid as they are so dry! But all the lipsticks in the duos are MAC’s iconic matte stick lipstick formula. MAC’s lip pencils are very pigmented but can be a little dry, but even so they are my favourite lip liner formula, I hate anything too creamy as it bunches up on texture around my lips.


Out of all the colours on offer I was stuck between a dark red or the colour I eventually went for, I only didn’t go for a dark colour because I prefer liquid lipsticks with blacks, dark reds and dark purples because I know they won’t budge or bleed, so I bought a shade I’d never tried before MEHR + SOAR. It’s a perfect rosy colour with a mauve undertone, Soar was one of the “Kylie Jenner” lip pencils but I always thought it was pretty pink, but matched with Mehr it’s a lot more muted and I’m living for it! The lipstick like I said is a perfect match and has the comfortable thin matte formula and of course the vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks are known for.



So…am I glad I bought this lip duo? Yes I am or I would have never tried Soar lip liner, I always forgot that Mehr was a mauve colour I always imagined it as a very pale nude.

Do I think it’s a necessity? Definitely not, any lip liner and lipstick will do, the packaging is cute but I would recommend it more if you got a little bit of a saving.



So overall I do love the idea of lip kits in general and I would love to see MAC cover more shades with this white packaging, and I do really wish you could save a couple of pounds by purchasing the lip duos, it makes sense to save a bit of money but I guess MAC still need to work on that part!

Let me know what you’re favourite formula of MAC lipstick is and if you intend to buy any of these lip duos? Xo


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