Hey everyone, I’ve got a fashion based post for you today all about the new Vans Fall Collection. Now I know we’ve only just got into summer but fashion trends start early and Vans released their new collection which in UK stores is quite small and features the colour of the moment.

In the Manchester Vans store the Fall collection is pretty small and draws a lot of attention to the women’s collection which is all based around my favourite colour, mauve! I love dusty purples, muted colours and pastels and this collection is right up my street.

The collection includes, new colour-ways in the Old Skool shoes, a coach jacket, a raglan dress, new colour-ways in the socks, hoodies, sweaters, backpacks, hats, and the Sk8-Hi shoes in the new colour scheme.

I loved every single part of this collection but could only really afford one piece from the collection and since I just bought a new pair of vans only a couple of months ago I went for clothing and bought the Big Fun Crew FleeceThe mauve colour is described as Sea Fog which I love for the fall collection


I love Vans clothing but I never usually buy it and I don’t really have a reason why but this sweater is so cosy I’ve not had it off since I bought it! I put a little outfit together and got my friend Nicole to take some piccys for me!

2017-07-12 03.30.14 1.jpg

I paired the sweater with my River Island ripped jeans which have now broken, you can’t see in the pictures but I had to safety pin the knee material together as when I was putting my shoes on the jeans just split in half across the knee, my mum has tried to sew them back together since the jeans are now in the River Island sale and my size is completely out of stock!


But anyway I layered some fishnet tights underneath and added my River Island black and silver belt. And for shoes I brought out the trust Dr. Martens black boots, when we took these photos it was the worst weather so the docs were definitely a good choice!

2017-07-12 03.26.24 1.jpg

I’ve also paired this sweater with a more casual outfit which was a pair of black skinny jeans and my black and white SK8-Hi trainers. The sweater itself is such nice quality so soft and cosy and it doesn’t feel heavy to wear but definitely keeps you warm, but now the weather is getting nicer It’s going to be in my wardrobe waiting for the cold weather to return!

I want to know what you think of this collection and if you’ll buy anything from it? Xo


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