Hey lovelies I’m back today with an E.L.F haul, I was notified by Charliestar that E.L.F had come to the UK and was available in Superdrug. The only Superdrug I’ve currently found near me with E.L.F is the one in the Trafford Centre, so when I went a couple of weeks ago I picked up 4 products from them. So i’ll stop blabbing and get straight into it.



The first item I bought I’ve already shown on my blog and put in my June Favourites, it’s the E.L.F Hydrating Primer which I bought for £7.50.

I find E.L.F’s price ranges really strange, some things are so cheap and some are more on par with Revlon prices. But anyway I spoke about why I like this primer in my June Favourites, it is very sticky and tacky which helps with the longevity of my face makeup, but it does feel kinda greasy, if you don’t like the texture of Benefit Porefessional then you won’t like this, it feels like it’s silicone based even though it’s just a hydrating gel formula. I’m pleasantly surprised by this primer it does what it says so I’m a happy hydrated girl.

My second item is a bit of a funny one for me and to be quite honest a bit of waste it’s the Tone Colour Correcting Powder £5.00.

I used to use a similar product from Bobbi Brown and it used to give my face a subtle glow all over but this powder is so chalky it doesn’t really do anything at all, it doesn’t do any colour correcting it’s just another powder to add on top, so I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this one now.

The Blush Palette (Dark) £7.50 was my next purchase.

I know I have fair skin so should have bought the light palette but I did this on purpose, I had every single colour in the light palette already I wanted to try new blush colours which is why I bought the dark palette which has cool toned raspberry pinks and deep rusty red shades and honestly I’m loving this palette it is nicely pigmented, easily buildable and even though these colours aren’t meant for my skin tone I really like it, and I can imagine I’ll get a lot of use out of this in the colder months to add a fresh flush of colour to my cheeks.

And my last item is for the lips, the Studio Matte Lip Colour in the shade Tea Rose £4.50.

Sorry for the redness and lack of foundation!

This lipstick comes in a lip pencil form, so I thought this would be pretty similar to the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil but it’s not at all, the product itself is nicely pigmented for sure but it’s anything but matte, it’s really glossy, it never dries matte but because of this it’s pretty comfortable to wear and reapply on top of. It’s a shame it doesn’t live up to its name but it’s not all bad, not my favourite lip product at all and I probably won’t be buying anymore.



So that’s it for my little E.L.F haul as you can see it’s pretty 50/50 some products are good and some not so good, I will continue to go back to E.L.F to try more of their products but I can’t imagine using any of their foundations because they have no shades that are light enough for my pale ass face! Anyway let me know if you’ve tried any products from E.L.F and I hope you enjoyed this post! xo


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