Hey everyone, I’m writing to you today following a few posts and videos I’ve been seeing floating around. The Anti-Haul is becoming increasingly popular and are pretty controversial to some, but I understand their purpose is to inform why they won’t be spending their hard earned money on a product they either don’t agree with or won’t work for them personally. So I’m going to compile my anti-haul today it might be quite long and most of these items are from more higher end brands.

*Just to say I’m not shaming any brands or bad mouthing unless I state, but I have genuine reasons as to why I won’t be buying these products so I’m not personally attacking anyone*

So I’ll jump right in and I’ll go by brand!



Now you all know that I use Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks and Skin Frost highlighters but there are two products that I definitely will not be buying from his cosmetic line. The first being The Androgyny palette. This palette is Ā£40 on BeautyBay and I’m not complaining about the price or the packaging, but the colour scheme is something I will not get enough use out of for the price. I would love to try his shadows but only if I get full use out of the palette and not just a couple of shades. If Jeffree comes out with a fully warm palette which is highly unlikely I’d be down for buying that in an instant but the Androgyny palette just doesn’t tick all the boxes for me.


The second item I won’t be buying are his Lip Scrubs. I’ll be honest I’ve been incredibly tempted but all in all it’s a sugar based lip scrub which I can get for half the price from Lush and it does a really good job. Jeffree has some cool flavours but it’s just not worth it for me, bearing in mind how quickly I go through lip scrubs in general.



I really only use one product from Benefit and that is the Porefessional but the brand itself just doesn’t appeal to me, but one thing that really irritates me from benefit is Hoola bronzer. Everyone loves this bronzer and I just don’t get it, it’s so dry, chalky and patchy to even swatch so why would I put that on my face? The colour itself is also way too dark for me so I would never buy it. However Hoola Lite was recently released so I went back and swatched on multiple occasions and I still will not be buying this, it’s just useless, it’s the tone of a face powder it won’t bronze my skin, it’s too yellow toned and just will never work for me and this is supposed to be for fairer skin? I don’t know what Benefit was trying to achieve with Hoola Lite because it’s too light for a bronzer and too warm for a contour shade.


becca x chrissy.jpg

The Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow face palette is beautiful to look at, but I will not be purchasing this as it just isn’t for me, the shades are too dark for me and will sit weirdly on top of my skin. I love Becca’s formulation as well but it’s not worth the money because I will never reach for this palette.


kvd glimmer.jpg

A new upcoming release from Kat Von D is the Shade and Light Eye Glimmer palette. I have the all matte version which I get quite a bit of use out of but the idea of those shades but metallic is something I just turn my nose up at. It doesn’t look like anything revolutionary and I also hate all metallic palettes, I just never use them. Kat has been pushing the all new formulation calling it a “glimmer” formula and I’ll be honest I think it’s a bit of a gimmick, it’s just a metallic shadow that I will not get enough use out of.



The last part of this Anti-Haul is the coveted and ever controversial Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. When the palette got released I wasn’t expecting a rainbow and Jaclyn makes out that this is her perfect palette yet she has said before in her videos that she never plays with colour, so the bright blues seem out of place for her. I’ll give credit to Jaclyn and Morphe though the palette does look stunning, the white packaging looks uber sleek and sophisticated but I will not be buying this. I already own two Morphe palettes and yeah they are good but nothing revolutionary and they are impossible to take travelling. I already have most of the shades in the Jaclyn palette in other palettes so it seems a bit of a waste of money for me personally. I wasn’t blown away by the palette and if I’m not blown away at first then I won’t be buying the palette, there is so much controversy surrounding Jaclyn, the palette, Morphe shadows and even the cake from the launch party I just don’t want anything to do with it and I don’t want to contribute to this collaboration because I personally don’t enjoy Jaclyn’s videos anymore. I’m not hating on Jaclyn everyone is entitled to their opinion but I’m not a huge fan anymore I prefer other makeup artist techniques and variety of products they use.




If this post goes down well then I will be following this series with some more products, but that’s all for my anti-haul and I would love to know some products that you will never buy! Xo


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