Hey everyone! I have a very special Outfit of the Day for you today. I celebrated my 19th birthday on the 9th July with Lewis, and he well and truly spoilt me! If any of you have sneaked a peek at my Instagram you will have seen where I went and what I wore but I’m making this post to give you all the details!

Onto the actual day in hand after seeing my mum in the morning I got ready and travelled into Manchester to meet Lewis, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and wandered down to Breakout. We booked a room called Infiltrate and I won’t give anything away about the room but if we had a couple more minutes we would have completed it. The shame was real!

Facebook quality for you 😦

After Breakout me and Lewis walked back to our hotel and checked into our room, and we were greeted with a four poster bed, leather sofa, tv and all the rest. Our room felt huge and was on two levels I was so excited I kept running round the room I was just so happy. Before we started to get ready for our meal we opened our presents. Lewis’ birthday was on the 12th of July so we were having a joint birthday weekend and I’m going to include the presents Lewis got me in my Birthday present haul which will be going up after this post. But after this we started to get ready popped the tv on and just relaxed whilst I did my makeup, which I stupidly didn’t take any photos of and again will be going up in a separate tutorial at a later date using a couple of new products and a special product from Lewis.



Lewis was obviously all ready before me and honestly he looked so good! But for my outfit I kept it summery but smart and wore a blue and white striped bardot style mini dress with bell sleeves from Topshop, my black suede platform heels from New Look, my little bag was from Primark. And for accessories I wore a choker from Topshop and hoop earrings also from Topshop, but I’ll tell you something they don’t half hurt your ears after a while.

DRESS: Love Clothing @ Topshop It’s meant to be a tunic top but I’m 5ft 4 and it’s just like a mini dress on me.








LIPSTICK: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Santa Sangre

Honestly I loved this outfit and the dress is made of quite a thick material so it definitely kept me warm later on too!

Onto the meal, I’d been saying for ages how much I would love to go to Tattu which is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants I’ve ever seen. It’s Chinese cuisine and the restaurant is all very modern and eye catching with a massive cherry blossom tree in the middle and the ceiling is covered in ropes.


I was kinda shocked that we went to Tattu because it is so expensive but I was being well and truly spoilt for my birthday.


We had the coolest cocktail to start off the night, it’s a Skull Candy which if I remember correctly contains Vodka, Bubblegum and Strawberry and it billows out smoke for ages but it tasted so good, and speaking of taste the food was divine! Honestly I could have eaten bowls and bowls of that Chilli Egg fried rice!

We stayed in the restaurant for over 3 hours had another cocktail. But after this we went back to the hotel and just made the most of each others time since we were meeting a couple of friends the next day.

I had the most perfect night with my perfect human he really did spoil me rotten, I’m a very lucky girl!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I really liked writing this one it’s a night I won’t ever forget!







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