Hey everyone! I have a more casual review for you today, I’m going to be talking you through some of my favourite Zoeva Brushes. I’ve been slowly collecting this brand of brushes for a couple of years and they have become my all time favourites that I purchase multiple of the same brush style.

Zoeva is a German cosmetics brand so when I first went to Germany a few years ago I picked up 3 brushes to try and I loved them, I wanted to dabble in their eye brushes and noticed that BeautyBay stocked them so I started to one by one buy a few more brushes then I went a bit ham on my recent trip to Berlin and bought 5 more brushes! So these are the ones I’m going to talk about.

*Since this I found a Zoeva stand in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre so I know I’ll be going back there and buying even more brushes!*

The first brush I have for you is the Luxe Cheek Finish £15.00

I originally bought this brush because I wanted a new smaller, denser brush for powder but instead I’ve used this for bronzer and OH MY GOD this has revolutionised my bronzer game!! It picks up product so quickly and blends instantly like a dream it requires absolutely no effort what so ever! It’s the brush I’m most impressed with out of my collection, and if I could recommend any brush to you for bronzer or blush or powder I would choose this one!

The bristles are quite denser, it’s not a very fluffy brush but it’s so dense and smooth it applies powders beautifully!



Luxe Soft Definer £9.00

Previously I’ve been using the Luxe Soft Crease brush which is much more flexible, less dense and is really light to use to blend out colours, but the Soft Definer is denser and thicker which makes it great for applying eyeshadow in the outer corner and focusing the colour in the crease, but because it still has that fluffy edge it is still possible to blend out other colours.



Brow Line £8.00

The Brow Line brush is unlike anything I already own, the name suggests to use it on the brows but I bought it for the purpose of packing on colour tight to my lower lash line, because I have pencil brushes and shaders but they don’t focus colour all that well but this one does, it lightly intensifies the lower lash line adding subtle drama.



Detail Liner £8.00

Now I really struggle using gel liner because of the brushes I have, the liner brushes I own are too thick and dense and aren’t flexible enough so I thought I’d try this on and currently I’ve not had chance to try it but I did use it for my brows once and it was a weird feeling, it was great for thin outlines of my brows and mimicking hairs right at the front of my brow but I won’t be using it again for my brows because it was so time consuming. I guess time will tell if this brush will work for gel liner.



Luxe Face Paint £13.00

Honestly I kept seeing this brush and kept thinking what is this actually for, because face paint to me could possibly mean like creams and cream contour? But because it’s pretty fluffy, it’s not synthetic in the slightest I thought it might be good for chiseling out my cheek bones with a powder contour and it really does work! It’s quite hard to pick up product with it but that could just be my contour shade and it’s great for placing the product and then slight blending but not overall blending because it starts to push around other products on the skin. It is such a strong dense brush, like a very thick paint brush so it feels weird to use on the face but I’m getting used to it and use it in my everyday routine now.


So as you can tell I love Zoeva brushes for multi-uses, I think the brush itself feels high quality, the bristles, the brush handle and the metal all feels goos quality and I don’t even think the prices are that bad. They are obviously more expensive than Morphe but I really don’t get on with Morphe brushes at all I find them to be pretty crap quality! But the price is less expensive than MAC brushes but has the quality of MAC brushes so what have you got to lose! If you haven’t tried Zoeva brushes before then definitely get your hands on some because I think they are so worth the money especially the eye and cheek brushes!

That’s all for this post hope you enjoyed my chatty intro to some of my favourite brushes, let me know your favourite brand of brushes! xo



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