Hey everyone! I’m back with another tutorial. Now this look has been circulating around Instagram and Youtube for some time now with the original inspiration coming from Zendaya. Now I love experimenting with colour but on the day to day I don’t end up wearing colourful looks but I thought I’d try this out for you all. I’ll be switching up Zendaya’s original lip colour for something a little more flattering on myself and will be using quite a few new/never mentioned products!

Just to set the record straight I did this look once before at 3am in the worst lighting but wrote the post straight away thinking I’ll do it again next week….now I’m here about a year later finally doing this look again!

*This is a pre-scheduled post as it was my birthday yesterday I wrote a few posts in advance but all my birthday posts will be coming soon towards the end of the week*

Zendaya prides herself in doing her own makeup and she is always down for experimenting and this particular look which was washed all over social media was inspired by a mascara tube! The point of the look was to urge her followers to join in the creativity with the chance to win a special prize of featuring on her new youtube channel recreating this particular look. Me on the other hand just loved the colour combination so here is the original image I took inspiration from:


I’ll be starting with brows and I’ve been loving a bold brow lately so I’m taking the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in the shade Espresso and creating a rough shape, and then cleaning that up with the Nars Soft Matte concealer. On top of the pencil I’m then using Nyx Brow gel also in Espresso. I’ve only just started using a gel like this but it makes my brows so much easier to fill in, it’s basically and pomade in a squeezy tube and it sets itself so well. As always though I will set with brow gel using Nyx Control Freak.


So I’ll be priming like normal using the same Nars concealer and a generous amount of it to make sure I have an even blank base for the bright colours. I then set from my crease to the brow using a powder and leaving the lid space tacky. Especially for this look because the cut crease involves such a strong wing I’ll start there first using a sharp thin synthetic brush and a pigmented black eyeshadow, I’ll be using Coloured Raine’s Black Moon.


I place the shadow in the same direction I would with a liquid/gel eyeliner following the direction of the curve of my lower lash line. I would recommend starting with a small wing in case you want to build up or if you make a mistake later on. To follow the crease instead of drawing a straight line I curve the eyeliner to the shape of my hooded lid and then join to my natural crease. You’ll be left with an open triangle shape, I filled this curved triangle in covering the outer third of my eye.


For the blues I start with the lighter blue and pack this on the first half of the lid not going any higher than the crease. For this I’m using a flat synthetic brush and a mix of MAC Steamy and the blue from the 09 Kiko Bright duo. For the darker blue I’ll flip the brush and go in with Coloured Raine Blue Magic and I had to spritz this with Fix Plus because it is very crumbly. To make sure the two blues blend together keep flipping the brush and pushing the two colours around to mix them together.


To clean up this thick colour block wing I take my concealer again and a very fine brush and carve out the curve of my natural crease line. The final step for the lid is to add the cut crease line so firstly I took the same little Kiko duo and used the lilac shade to create a very soft line and I blended this out quite a bit since it is a lot lighter than intended.



To make the purple a lot brighter and since I was following a Nikkie Tutorials video she used the Morphe 35P palette so I took the same bright purple shade on a pencil brush and slowly built up the colour and blended the top edge using a large fluffy brush. This step takes a little time to perfect the shape and blending, but once finished it looks great! Again to clean up the crease I use my concealer and finally set that with a white/ivory eyeshadow.


For the lower lash line I used the same bright purple from the Morphe palette and blended this all over the lash line. I next lined my lower lash line with NYX’s Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean (if you have a navy liner handy that would be more accurate to Zendaya’s look but all I have is a black which makes the look even more dramatic). For mascara I used the Maybelline Lash Sensational, you could totally add lashes at this point but since I’m absolutely appalling at applying them I thought I’d better not. To highlight my inner corner and brow bone I needed an icy highlight so I used the highlighter I would be using for my whole face which is Becca Moonstone and on top with the colour Ice from the Nyx Contour kit.



Onto the face I’m moisturising my face using the Garner Moisture Plus and then using Kat Von D Lock It Hydrating primer all over my face and a bit of Benefit Porefessional in my t-zone. For foundation I’m taking my trusty Revlon Colourstay foundation and The Body Shop Lightening drops in equal quantities and bouncing into the skin using a slightly damp Real Techniques sponge.


I’m a concealer junkie and have many for different purposes, I start with the Nars Soft Matte Complete concealer on my redness on my cheeks and on any large blemishes, then the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer on my smaller breakouts and around my nose but because this is a little dark I then dot on any lighter concealer I have so in this case Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer which I also use at my darkest points under my eyes and then to highlight my skin and make it less flat I use the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer.

To set my under eyes I used a mix of MAC Studio Fix in NC10 and Nars Soft Velvet Loose powder in Snow but only the tiniest amount as this is a very drying powder.


I’ve been using my NYX contour kit a lot more often recently but I really wished I owned a cooler contour shade because my contour and bronzer always merges together but I did use the third contour shade from the left and then over the top with my Bobbi Brown Golden Light bronzer.


For blush I used my trusty Clinique Peach Pop and for highlight a mixture of Becca Moonstone and MAC Nylon eyeshadow on the highest points of my face.


In the original look Zendaya wore quite a dark nude glossy lip but on myself I prefer more of a peachy nude so I lined my lips with MAC Whirl pencil and then added Kat Von D Ophelia liquid lipstick on top.



I then set my face using Mac Fix + and that’s the finished Zendaya inspired makeup look.

I might do some more of these types of tutorials inspired by celebrities or other makeup artists I follow on Instagram. Anyway hopefully I’ll be back soon with another tutorial and I hope you all enjoyed this post!



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