Hey everyone! Today I’m mixing in a bit of skincare to this blog, I never used to care about skincare and I know now that is a sin in the makeup world, so recently I’ve been looking into face masks and I have quite a couple to try out but the one I was most excited about is the L’Oreal Pure clay mask. This is a detox mask perfect for getting rid of dirt, blackheads etc from the skin to hopefully make the skin look a lot clearer.

Stupidly I didn’t take any pictures of my skin before doing this mask because I wasn’t sure if I was going to review it or not but take my word for it, I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and cheeks, forehead, chin and around my lips….I can never seem to get rid of them no matter what I try. My skin is quite dry aswell which is why I’ve been so skeptical to buying face masks especially clay masks.


So to give you a run down of the basics:

  • £7.99
  • 50ml of product
  • Detoxifies and Clarifies
  • Heavy glass jar with plastic cover and lid


The mask is a very dark grey colour because of the clay and is a blend of 3 different clays:

Koalin A natural clay known to absorb impurities and excess sebum.

Montmorillonite Rich in minerals, helps to eliminate imperfections.

Ghassoul A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals to help clarify complexion.

L’Oreal say that the mask shows immediate results after one use, and continuous use will only help the skin breathe and bring out every last scrap of dirt and impurity.



The instructions are very simple, you apply a thin layer all over the face avoiding eyes nd lips and leave to dry for 5-10 minutes. To remove you can use a wet towel or warm water. L’Oreal say to use this 2-3 times a week and since trying it I can understand why it is quite drying so if you used more than 3 times I can imagine the skin becoming very de-hydrated.


So my first time using this mask, I was pretty excited to try it to see if my blackheads would get removed. So when I first used it I didn’t apply it all over the face I applied a generous amount over my problem areas so across my forehead, nose cheeks and chin. I think I applied a little too much on my forehead as it took a lot longer than 10 minutes to dry but as the mask dries it turns into a lighter grey colour and you can see the dirt being brought to the surface. If you don’t like looking at blackhead extraction then maybe don’t look at these pictures.


Please ignore my hair I’d been at work and just tied it up messy but you can see the change in colour. Each part dries at different speeds depending on how thick the layer is but where your pores are the largest it will dry quicker which is why my nose is all spotty and light in colour.


This is a better image of my nose and this was about a minute before I washed off the mask, the mask is getting lighter and looks to gather up on blackheads and active spots.


On active spots it will not dry, the spot seems to reject the mask so nothing will get extracted on active spots, the mask calms the redness around a spot but will not extract the dirt.


So I have some close ups of my nose and this was what I wanted! I wanted to notice a difference in particular on my nose.



The box says after 5-10 minutes to wash off the mask. I began to try removing it with just warm water and my hands but it just smeared the grey colouring around. So I switched to a muslin cloth and I wet this with hot water and I touched my skin lightly and removed the mask off in light circular motions and I find this gets the mask off best.

When I removed the mask off my nose all I could see on the cloth was the mask but I looked back at my nose and my blackheads were reduced massively.

Now I know I have big pores I have them all over my face but when they get filled with dirt they get filled to a very dark colour like literally black! So when I removed the mask I couldn’t see the dark colour anymore. I took some close up shots of my nose, cheeks, fore head and chin after the mask and I was so happy with my skin.





By no means am I saying my skin looks perfect because it really doesn’t. But the surface dirt which looks like it gives me the most problems had gone. I still have pores everyone has pores but mine looked so much smaller I was pleasantly surprised, and knew I was going to continue to use the mask!




I used the mask again and I didn’t see the same results because the surface dirt was easy to remove the dirt deep down in my pores is going to take a long time to pull out so I’m determined to still use it and see how good my skin can get with it. Obviously because it’s a purify mask it will draw the dirt to the surface and often cause spots and whiteheads but don’t mess with them, keeping using the mask and they will disappear!

On average when I use the mask it takes about 7 minutes for it to dry on my skin which I’m totally fine with but do remember to keep it to a thin layer or it will take ages to dry and make your skin feel really tight.




My final thoughts, I do like this mask the immediate results from first use is fantastic and has made me feel more confident about my skin, my mum has noticed how my blackheads seem reduced and my skin feels smoother because the texture on my cheeks has also been reduced. My skin feels extremely tight after use it so I always have to follow up with a moisturiser.

I have such dry skin and yet I can use this mask and follow up with a moisturiser and my skin feels great so I can imagine this mask would work for all skin types! Which is fantastic!

So for £7.99 you can’t complain, the mask does exactly what it says it will!

Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed this first impression, let me know what your fave masks are! On the hunt for more now I’m hooked! xo



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