Hey lovelies! To all of you that read my Little Update you’ll know that this favourites post will be a rather lengthy one! I’ve been trying out quite a lot of new makeup and skincare, some I have pictures for some I don’t but I’ll try my best to include everything I’ve been loving but they’ll be little fashion in this one as I’ve not been splurging as much as I usually do!




I’ve been trying out a face mask properly for the first time all throughout the month of June. I’ve always been skeptical about trying masks because they usually dry your skin out especially detox masks. But as it wasn’t overly expensive I thought I’d take the plunge and finally sort my skin out. I’m going to have a full review on this mask up on my blog later in the month to show you my progress but so far I’m really liking it, it does clarify your skin and it does leave it feeling quite tight but with a nice moisturiser afterwards then it’s perfectly fine.



Another mask! I’ve become a little obsessed with the idea of face masks and have wanted to try the Carbonated bubble mask that’s been floating around Youtube…the one that makes you look like a cloud but it’s not recommended for dry skin so I don’t want to irritate my skin so I’ve not bothered but me and my friend Ellie saw Sanctuary had their version of a bubble sheet mask and we had to try it. The whole concept was pretty strange, it was a two part sheet mask, one part for the eyes and nose and the other for the lips and chin and the sheet was saturated and I mean SATURATED in so much product it was so slippy and hard to work with. It didn’t really fit my face all that well and I couldn’t really smooth out all of the creases but we left it on for the 10-15 minutes it suggests and saw it bubble up like bubble bath on top and under the mask it was the weirdest fizzing sensation. Once we finished we massaged the rest into the skin and then rinsed and it left my skin feel very soft and clean, I obviously still had a few blackheads like it wasn’t a miracle worker but it did leave my skin feeling soft and supple and I had compliments on my skin afterwards because it looked visibly clearer. So I might repurchase this in future but it is a one use only mask so could get quite expensive to keep re-buying. Also if you hate the smell of lavender then stay well clear of this one it’s very strong and it did make my eyes water to begin with but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.



I’ve never really gone through what I use for skincare on my blog yet so if you want to see what I use to keep my skin hydrated then please do let me know! But I will tell you I usually stick to Garnier products as they don’t irritate my skin, they leave it feeling soft and they do work. I purchased their Gel face wash back at the start of May but have only just started to use it and it feels like a really nice second cleanser for me. It is a very tacky thick gel but apply to a wet face and it starts to lather nothing too extreme but it feels like it’s doing something, it’s not a very light foam like most face washes that literally feel like they do nothing. The tackiness of it makes it feel like it’s pulling out more makeup from off the skin that your remover doesn’t. I use this as my third step in my skincare routine and it won’t be getting removed anytime soon.




Mixing a load of primers into one here because I’ve found my perfect base for foundation! My skin is really dry and acne prone so I’m always skeptical to try primers that are heavily scented or mattify my skin. I’ve been combining Kat Von D’s lock it primer as this is for hydration and is very thin in texture but I need a lot of it to feel the hydration as my skin just soaks it up straight away, so with this I use ELF’s hydrating primer which is much more of a thick gel consistency and feels very smooth and tacky which I’ve never experienced in a primer before, however this doesn’t give the wetness I want in a primer which is why I combine the two. But for my t-zone which is very unruly I need something more hardcore so I squeeze the tiniest bit of the porefessional onto my fingers rub together and smooth all over my nose and cheeks, chin, smile lines and forehead just to get rid of any unwanted textured and then I’m all ready and prepped for my foundation. None of these primers break me out or leave my skin feeling dirty, combined with a good skincare routine you’ve got your base sorted for any occasion.


In the past I have hated Nyx’s liquid eyeliners they are too matte and chunky for me, they never usually glide easily over the lid, but recently I wanted to spice up my makeup looks so I wanted to try a metallic eyeliner, so I tried the glam eyeliner I was expecting it to be more of a glitter liner but I was wrong it’s a full coverage metallic eyeliner. I got the shade Nude which is like a champagne gold colour and I’ll be using this in an upcoming tutorial so you can see it’s full effect.



A new holy grail for me this month is the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in the shade Chantilly. I’ve been using this to outline and clean up my brows and I’ve never really used it on the face simply because it’s matte and I have dry skin it just never seemed to be a good combination but I’ve started to dip my wet sponge into the concealer to cover any extra bits of redness or dullness to give a flawless base and it’s really done so well at covering up that sort of stuff and it doesn’t even feel too matte on my skin. I know Nars has recently decided to start testing on animals which is such a shame but I’m not too sure what to think of the whole situation yet.



As you guys know I did a full review on 5 shades of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and I do really enjoy the formula but I’ve been getting the most wear out of Ophelia the nude peach shade. Because I’ve finished university for the year and have been doing a lot round the house in terms of getting organised and prepared for my birthday, the only times I’ve been going out are when I’m at work or going for a little shopping trip and when I’m doing either of those things I just want to slap on a low maintenance lip colour so I’ve been reaching for Ophelia as it’s on the warmer side and looks great for summer!



I’m going to be doing a full post on my recent Zoeva brush purchases but I’d like to give a special mention to this one in particular. My bronzer isn’t my fave part of makeup because it always goes on patchy or builds up in certain areas but this brush makes my bronzer look so smooth and flawless it’s made such a difference to my overall makeup game and makes my skin look super soft! I think Zoeva brushes are the best out there, they have a brush for everything and I’ve never been disappointed in any of them!



So finally for clothing I have one item and it’s a relatively cheap purchase and great for anyone living in mainland Europe. I bought a top from C&A’s whilst I was in Berlin, it’s a simple navy and white vertical striped bardot top with short sleeves. It’s a lovely floaty fit, it’s not too floaty that it looks like it drowns me but it’s not fitted which makes it great for summer days when it’s too hot outside to wear a tight top. I mentioned this top in my Liebster Award, it is a part of my go-to summer outfit as I pair this up with blue or black jeans and some cute trainers. You can’t buy C&A clothing online so if you do get chance to pop into one, they have a section which looks exactly the same as New Look and it’s a thin material and I bought it for €15.99!


This month there hasn’t been that much new music to listen to or talk about but my music favourite of the month is Bastille. I loveeee Bastille, there isn’t one song I hate, but when I’m travelling or chilling out they are just perfect to listen to. I’m sure most of you have heard of Bastille but if any of you haven’t heard their newest album Wild World, I highly recommend giving it a listen especially the songs Warmth, Glory and Power!

So that’s everything for this monthly favourites told you it would be a lengthy one! I hope you all enjoyed reading through and maybe try some of the products that I have been loving! See you guys soon! xo


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