Hey lovelies, I’m back with my monthly series of product reviews that may not be new releases but they are new to me and my collection. I have two drugstore and two high end products for you today. I’ll start with the drugstore!



My first product is something I picked up in Superdrug at the very end of May. I had heard of Nip and Fab skincare before but never tried anything but I had no idea they had a makeup line and like the click of a finger a huge stand has been installed in every Superdrug I’ve been in. All their products have a “natural” look to them in terms of colour selection and types of products on offer, the eyeshadow palettes and contour and highlight palettes are very earthy and golden and the lip colours are all nude colours with the occasional pop of pink. I wasn’t too sure what to buy but I thought I’d try a liquid lipstick, all the shades are very similar but I’ve been on the hunt for a true nude liquid lipstick. I picked up the shade Tart and swatched on the hand it looks quite nude but on the lips looks a lot more cool toned, so I wasn’t as keen.

The applicator is quite nice but doesn’t beat the Barry M applicator, it holds a good amount of product, and the lipstick itself is really pigmented, it’s not streaky doesn’t need building up but it can be built up because it doesn’t dry completely matte, it always has tackiness which isn’t too bad. I wore this for about 10 hours straight and top upped once after I ate as it did come off on my drink. Nip and Fab do advertise it as being truly matte and it really isn’t so it’s a false claim but I do still like the product as it is really comfy and I do want to try some of the darker shades.



I’ve own these Nyx pigments for a while and I’ve used one in a tutorial before but I’ve never given my full thoughts. So I have two shades, Vegas, Baby! and Crazed and both have very different formulations and consistencies. The pots are very small exactly the same packaging and components as their glitters. Vegas, Baby! is a white with gold and Crazed is a magenta with blue. The first is extremely chunky and glittery and doesn’t have a lot of coverage it’s quite sheer and sparkly which I can deal with, but it’s nothing like a MAC pigment which is packed full of shimmer and colour. Crazed is completely different it’s rather matte and I don’t see the point in matte pigments, it’s a lot more pigmented and smooth but it’s just like a regular eyeshadow.

I don’t really see what Nyx was trying to achieve with these pigments but it’s not a competitive release. Usually if you apply a fixing spray to pigments it makes them more opaque and glide on like a cream but when you add the spray it just makes them streaky and harder to work with. I won’t be buying any more of these pigments I’d prefer to pay more for a MAC or Inglot pigment to get a decent amount of colour pay off.



I’m constantly on the look out for a good hydrating, smooth base to put under my foundation, and my newest addition is from Kat Von D. Kat Von D I would say has been my brand of interest for the month of June as I’ve been trying out a fair few different products. I had heard of the Lock it primer before but I didn’t do much research as I thought it was a mattifying primer but I’m wrong. The packaging is very chunky but I love it, it makes me want to use it, it’s hygienic and always distributes the right amount of product.

The primer itself is white in colour but once on the skin is a clear liquid that glides over the skin really easily. It smooths the skin as well as hydrates and does have quite an interesting smell and it’s a smell I quite like but can’t describe. I use a lot of this primer even when I don’t need to because it just makes my skin feel so so good! I would recommend this to any of you with dry skin, for those with oily skin this could still work but only a very small amount. I’m going to be talking about this primer a bit more in my upcoming June Favourites.



Now you all know that I love a good thick winged eyeliner and I’ve used many different lines to create such wings but I’m always on the hunt for a new one. When Kat’s line came to the UK it was one of the first things I picked up. It’s packaging is cute but nothing revolutionary but it does have the shaker inside which is reassuring when you feel like the liner is running out.


The nib is fantastic it’s not too big but not to small it’s thin and precise so you can get sharp lines instantly and to begin with is extremely black but over time the colour obviously fades. I don’t seem to have much luck with liners lasting that long. I used the tattoo liner for about 2 weeks and it already started to fade and get dry, but it’s still working so far so fingers crossed it’ll last me a bit longer because it’ll be a bit pricey to buy again. Overall it is a good liquid liner it’s very easy to use, it does dry half matte half glossy but I think Kat has a matte version coming out soon which will probably suit me a lot more as I prefer a matte winged liner.




So that’s all for another monthly product review, I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at a few of my new purchases. Do comment if you’ve tried any of these products with your opinions or if there is anything you think I should try out and review here on my blog.


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