Hey everyone! I’m sorry for being a bit absent the past couple of weeks since being away I’ve just been a bit hectic with seeing some of my friends I’ve not seen in ages, sorting a few things out for my birthday and still getting to grips with the new job, my sleeping pattern is a bit disorientated and it means when I’d usually write on my blog I’m too tired but I’m determined to get back into it and I’ve bought myself some nice pens and a little notebook to get myself organised! So instead of overworking  myself I’ve given myself realistic targets and for that reason there will be a ‘New Product Reviews June ’17’ coming up next and my favourites post will get delayed to a little time after that. I usually like to get my favourites up at the start of the next month but because of how busy I’ve been I’ve just not had chance to take photos yet, so I hope that’s alright with you but I promise I’ll be back to regular programming soon!



Throughout July I’m going to have quite a few different posts up as it is my birthday month, so I’ll have my birthday outfit, birthday makeup, present hauls etc. So I hope that can make up for my absence.

Hopefully I should have my June Favourites post up sometime next week and I do have a lot of other reviews/first impressions and tutorials waiting to be written.

I hope you all understand and I promise over summer I’ll be super active and creative!



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