Hey dolls! Today will be my third and final instalment of my Berlin travels. On the final day we did a bit more sightseeing and revisiting places we didn’t spend much time in first time round.


Of course it was another early morning and the hottest day whilst we were there. Instead of getting the hop on hop off bus we decided to try the Underground, it was relatively easy to work out and we trundled straight through to AlexanderPlatz. We got a little lost when coming out of the Underground but we found the main square with the Fernsehturm tower and the loveliest pink flowers. We chilled here for a while and discussed our next stop. This is where the transport got confusing, certain underground lines only go from certain areas like usual, but the colours of the underground lines at the station vs. those on the maps were completely different so we had to get one of the standard trains to Ostbahnoff near the East Side Gallery.

The East Side Gallery was my choice to visit and is one of the longest open air galleries. The gallery displays 105 different paintings by various artists. This section of the wall is 1316m long and all the paintings are on the East Side of the wall. Unfortunately a large portion of these paintings have been vandalised and it’s such a shame! The area around the East Side Gallery is all under construction but to have the vibrant colours and peaceful atmosphere next to the river, the contrast is actually quite pleasing. Most of the wall has metal fencing in front of it but it’s hardly going to stop anyone from trying to vandalise it. We walked most of the way down taking it all in leisurely and then stopped for a drink because it was so so warm, and then we walked back up to the station and this is where the plan all went wrong!

We had to get the airport express in 10 minutes back to Alexanderplatz so we got on the train the doors shut and an announcement came over and because it was in German we had no idea what was going on but luckily a man explained that there had been an incident and had no idea how long we were going to be. We stuck around for a while until I decided to get up and go, we had a lot planned for this day and didn’t really get to visit a part of Berlin that my mum wanted to go to, which was a very quaint part of the city which is known as the Jewish Quarter, but because of this delay we didn’t have time.


We jumped off that train anyway and decided to walk, surely it couldn’t be that far right?….Wrong! The journey seemed never ending especially in the heat! But at least it wasn’t raining, and we did get to see some areas of Berlin we probably wouldn’t have seen if we’d been on the train. So we made it back to AlexanderPlatz and by this time we were exhausted so we walked a little way to the river and cathedral and stopped off for a drink and a snack. We let time pass by as we just relaxed for a bit and didn’t really take into account how long it would take us to walk down the Unter Den Linden to the Reichstag for our trip up to the dome.



But we couldn’t have timed it perfectly we had a short queue through security and a couple of minutes passed and we went straight up in the lift to the dome itself. As you step out of the dome you are on the roof of the parliament building that has 360 degree views over the whole of Berlin, we really couldn’t have booked a better day with such clear blue skies.


The dome is quite a spectacle it’s like a hall of mirrors and you walk up one way and down the other so you don’t clash, we got the top of the dome and started to bake it was extremely hot but the views were fantastic! We quickly worked our way back down and got a cold drink and an ice cream and sat in the only shaded bit of the roof and just took in our surroundings. We had an hour up on the roof so we travelled back downstairs and walked the same way to The Mall of Berlin and had another little mooch before using more of our Underground tickets back to the zoo station. From here we relaxed and tried looking for a few bits we could take home as little prezzies for the family.

But after that we had our last meal and took our last stroll back to the hotel before melting in our hotel room.

We flew back around midday and everything was very smooth on the way back, no problems with delays or luggage which is shock saying we flew to Manchester Airport, they are notoriously slow when it comes to collecting luggage, but this time we flew through and picked up the car within the hour.

So that’s all for my Berlin travels, I hope you did enjoy this mini series, I certainly did enjoy my trip obviously apart from the issue I mentioned in Day Two but that was a one off and was never going to bring a negative cloud over the whole trip.

Anyway I’ll be back with the beauty posts tomorrow all about Kat Von D Liquid lipsticks so do make sure to keep an eye out for that on Saturday morning!

Thank you see you soon!


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