Hey lovelies, I’m back today with my second instalment of travel posts from Berlin. My second day was probably the best but I also had a big issue with the people in some shops but I’ll get round to that later.

On the second day we had a bit of a later start as we only had a ten minute walk to get to Berlin Zoo. I know zoos can be controversial but I still find them one of the best places to find out about so many creatures. The zoo itself seems huge saying it’s in the middle of a capital city. We didn’t have to wait too long to buy tickets but we got straight in and went exploring. I was most excited about seeing the hippos, polar bears, gorillas and the big cats.


We made sure not to rush round, well I made sure not to rush round I hate quick trips I wanted to make the most of the experience. The hippos didn’t disappoint they had 4 and the enclosure was actually quite pretty, me and my mum both love hippos they were so enjoyable to see. Moving on from the hippos we played hide and seek with a very shy rhino and wandered round to the petting zoo where a miniature horse bit my jacket (luckily it didn’t tear). From here we went into the bird house which had the noisiest parrots and I finally saw a Hoopoe. Hoopoe’s a relatively widespread and it has been an on-running thing in my family that I always wanted to see a Hoopoe but could never find one, I used to have animal and bird sticker books which you would complete as you saw that bird/animal and the only one I couldn’t fill in was the Hoopoe but now if I still had the book it would be finally complete! Another surprise in the bird house were KIWIS, I absolutely love kiwis and treasure moments when I get to see them, I’ve seen them in person before when I went to New Zealand eight years ago, but they had two kiwis running around after each other so I was very happy indeed.

We went around the very outside of the zoo which is inside Berlin’s Tiergarden and walked around to the eagles and the wolves, it was such a hot day I’m not surprised that they were laid down sleeping, we’d somehow missed the polar bear which is Berlin’s main attraction and I’ll be honest I found it weird to have an enclosure like what they did for a polar bear, it had caves to sleep in but the rest was rocks, there was a bit of water but nowhere near as much as I thought it should have, it was open to the baking sun I felt so bad for the single polar bear hiding in the shade from the sun.


Berlin Zoo has so many different types of bear and they are all situated in the centre, all paths lead from here and back to here. Around the corner of the bears was the small penguin pool who were all really excited and energetic, what I didn’t know was that they had an inside cold enclosure for the other penguins and I caught a cute little Boomerang which I’ve posted on my Instagram so make sure to go and take a look at my lil’ penguin buddy. The sea lions were next door and unfortunately we just missed feeding time.

We stopped for something to eat then went on a walk past the chimps who were cheekily stealing each others food, and onto the big cat house, Berlin had leopards, ocelots, lions and shockingly a black panther which looks so incredibly majestic and equally terrifying! In the cat house they had various species of Mongoose and the meerkats too! Oh and of course I couldn’t forget the sloth!

At the other end of the big cat house is the giraffe house which is one of the oldest buildings in the whole zoo and a very ornate looking building, it is gorgeous so bright and colourful, but before we saw the giraffes up close we went to visit the monkey house, orang-utans which definitely needed a bit more shade and the gorillas which were all definitely on their way to being fed.

The gorillas are situated near the back entrance so we walked the long way round again stumbling across the elephants and then back round to the giraffes. Berlin Zoo has a cute cottage like structure dedicated to chickens which baffled me! The zoo map is pretty confusing and we realised that the Giant Pandas hadn’t arrived at Berlin Zoo yet but were due soon as the enclosure was all ready and the pagoda was having some finishing touches, but we did finally get our bearings back and realised we were back near the start next to the mountain goats.

Every time I go to a zoo or aquarium I always want to take a look at a few final things before we leave so we went back to our old friends the hippos who were a lot more active, aswell as the polar bear who did leave its cave for a total of 2 minutes before having a lil back scratch and returning to the shade.

Final stop was to have a gander in the zoo shop and then it was time to leave, we spent 6 hours wandering round and honestly I loved it even though it was scorching hot!

After gulping down a few cold drinks me and mum walked into the centre near the zoo where the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church is, in my last post you’ll see the feature image is of the Kaiser but this time we went inside, the church was struck during the war and all that left standing was a single tower which is open to the public and still includes the ornate and intricate ceiling art, and an artist model of what the church would have looked like vs. what it looks like new with the new additions.


The original plan with the Kaiser was to demolish it completely and build a whole new church but instead they preserved the remaining tower and built two very modern structures either side which are now the main churches. Because of their unique appearance they are often named the lipstick and the powder box….fitting!



Now onto my shopping experience, Berlin has a fair few shops, but a lot of duplicates the amount of H&M’s they have is ridiculous, but my main shopping experience came from their version of Boots, Douglas. I found it strange that most of the employees working on the makeup counters didn’t wear any makeup or didn’t apply it very well, now I’m not saying this in a shady way just from what I’m used to back home and in other countries is that the employees would wear the products to showcase what they looked like but in Berlin they didn’t, I was constantly asked if I needed a touch up and not in a nice way, implying my makeup wasn’t up to scratch but I politely declined because I’ll be honest wearing a full face on such a hot day was a bad idea on my front.

I felt for the first 2 days that I was being stared at and my mum picked up on it aswell it would be girls of my age of a bit older staring at me and not making it subtle at all and this all came to a peak when I was in Bershka I was just casually browsing whilst my mum was elsewhere in the store and I walked past a group of girls and I heard them mutter (they were German) but I didn’t think anything of it until I turned round and saw them pointing straight at me and laughing at me, my mum gave them the shock of their life when she asked what they were doing, but it really put me out and really upset me, as if anyone in any country would think that is acceptable.

It dawned on me that it was my makeup they were laughing at, almost all Germans (now this is a stereotype and in this case I’m not sorry for making it sound so rude) have perfect skin and don’t wear makeup but that does not allow them to make rude remarks and point and laugh at someone so publicly, I felt ashamed for what I looked like I was really upset about it, and I can’t really imagine they would appreciate it if I was pointing and laughing at their clothing for instance, it’s rude and disrespectful I would never even think of doing something like that to anyone. I told a few of my friends about this experience and they said how do you know it was your makeup and I determined this because the next two days I wore no makeup whatsoever and no one cared no one even took a second glance. I think what I’m getting at here is that just because your culture doesn’t use makeup or need to doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t either, I’m not blessed with perfect skin nor am I beautifully tanned or have healthy hair but there is absolutely no need to humilate anyone so publically. I’m sure you all know where I’m coming from because it doesn’t happen in the UK, even when I was so shit at makeup I was never laughed at, it gave me more confidence to improve. Anyway rant over!

I would really like to know your opinions on this and feel free to disagree with me aswell, but this was my take on my own situation, I want to know how you guys ignore people who always want to pick out your flaws and put you down.


So that was a pretty negative closure to this post but I thought it would be something interesting to address. Would love to know your thoughts lovelies!


























2 Replies to “BERLIN DAY TWO”

  1. Hi Stephanie, I can only guess what drove them to be so rude: In Germany and above all in Berlin it is not very popular to wear “artificial” makeup like you do. I think most of the girls your age wear makeup but a very natural one. Wearing “artificial” makeup is frequently seen as a sign of low self esteem like someone who wants to hide behind a mask. I’m sorry for that but I can’t fight it: It is my personal prejudice too. And I’m sorry for them: Laughing and pointing at someone is a no no.
    You’re so pretty. No need to hide.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree in terms of a stereotype people do feel it is a sign of low self esteem a lot of people don’t understand it as a creative outlet, I love art, I love colour and shapes and I like to recreate that and share it with others. I do have low self esteem in terms of talking in front of others and low body confidence but in terms of my makeup I’ve never had any negativity surrounding it until that day! But thank you so much you’re so lovely! Xo


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