Hey everyone! I’m back after my week off but before I tell you all about my travels I’d just like to say how appreciative and humbled I am by your response to my last post, it’s simply lovely to have that amount of support from you all and it really means a lot, if any of you haven’t seen that post it’s a little Reintroduction to myself which you can see here.

I’ve not really booked any other holidays this year but me and my mum decided to go for a short break to Berlin. I’m going to split my travels up into three separate posts for each full day I spent in Berlin.

So I’ll get cracking with the first day: Sightseeing

Of course we started with the typical sightseeing and used the ever so popular hop on hop off buses. The tour we chose stopped at all the main points in what Berlin calls the A Zone in public transport. Our first stop was the Topografie of Terror (torture museum) we stopped here because outside of the museum is one of the biggest leftover pieces of the Berlin Wall. It’s an eerie atmopshere being around a place that used to hold so much violence and anger but the displays are so insightful and a really interesting read.

As you can see the weather was pretty poor this day but we weren’t going to let that stop us so we walked across the street and we stumbled across Checkpoint Charlie, where the US troops would cross from East to West Berlin. The Checkpoint itself isn’t the original but an artists replica and along with the museum and two very enthusiastic American officers the whole experience was rather pleasant. The area is only small and was very busy with it being situated in the middle of a fully functioning road but we did have a little wander around and then jumped back on the bus.


We had decided to save a couple of other areas of Berlin for another day so we trundled past AlexanderPlatz getting our first glimpse of the tower and then turning onto the Unter Den Linden, Berlin’s answer to the Champs-Élysées. As we approached the Brandenburg gate we jumped off the bus again and walked down past a protest and a lot of fancy cars (some US conference) we walked under the gate and off through the top part of the Teirgarden to the Reichstag, Berlin’s parliament buildings.

The Reichstag has areas open to the public and me and my mum were thinking about going into the dome/observatory, the dome is completely free of charge but booking online is almost impossible so we took time aside to wait in the queue to book our dome viewing for the Thursday. And here came the rain, as we were standing and waiting we got poured on by mother nature but it didn’t last too long but the sun was nowhere to be seen.


From here we strolled to Potsdamer Platz but on the way stumbled across the Holocaust memorial which is a very strange experience. The memorial is a collection of grey cuboids from the ground raised at various heights and uneven pathways almost making the memorial like a maze, it should be a very sombre place but people love to get lost in the memorial. From here we walked a little further to Potsdamer Platz which has the main shopping mall of Berlin, it’s a very grand building, very fresh and contemporary. However we didn’t spend too long here as we decided to run for the last hop on hop off bus back to the zoo and did the rest of the tour.


Jumping back off at the zoo we had a little wander around the centre and stopped to eat at a cute little Italian restaurant called Ferri’s and then had an early night ready for the more relaxing day ahead.

So that was my first day in Berlin, I hope you enjoyed reading through what I got up to and getting an insight into my travels. Over the next few days I’ll be posting Day Two and Three and then I’ll be back to regularly beauty programming on Saturday!


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