Hello everyone! I’m finally doing a favourites post! I know I’ll never be able to keep this up especially alongside my singular products review but I’ll finally be mentioning some music here on my blog.

I’ll get straight to it and kick off with beauty!


Helen E Cosmetics Glitter Pigment-White Disco

My first favourite is a product I never even thought of buying but when I was in Debenhams I noticed the small counter displaying all of Helen E glitters and pigments. I had a demo with a girl who recently had been employed and fell in love with White Disco, I have many silver coloured glitters but this one is a pure white glitter with mainly blue particles it’s stunning. I always use this because it is so fine on the inner corner of my eye to add an aspect of glam to any neutral look. They are cheap too and retail for £6 each.

MAC Fix Plus

I recently stated in my MAC haul that I had a new found love for Fix Plus, I also said in my last tutorial, Purple Smokes how I like to use it. The spray isn’t as fine as I would like it to be but for the purpose of how I use it after applying powder it works just fine, adding a lot of hydration to a very matte base. It smells lovely, feels incredible and it’s the best setting/fixing spray I’ve ever used!

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner

My next favourite is a new entry into my collection. I’ve been after a new eyeliner for a while and this is the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. For such a thin flexible nib you get so much control. It’s intensely black but only works one way, if you go over the same line you’ve made in the opposite direction it starts to move product around instead of build, but that doesn’t bother me. I’ve been using this non stop for about 3 weeks now and it’s not dried up at all.

The Balm-Mary-Lou Manizer

I rediscovered Mary-Lou manizer this month. After using solely Jeffree Star Cosmetics highlighters for months I knew I needed to switch it up so I went into my highlighter drawer and pulled out Mary-Lou. Naturally it is very very natural on my skin but topped with a bright white/champagne highlight it makes the perfect smooth, glowy base. Such a glorious highlighter to use, it’s so soft, buttery and pigmented and a game changer for those who are new to highlighters.

Eylure Enchanted lashes-Camellia


My next favourite is something I never thought I’d ever include in a favourites. A pair of lashes! I’ve never had the knack for applying lashes, I just couldn’t get along well with it the closest I got were individuals. I took the plunge the other week and bought two different pairs from Eylure and purposely bought 3/4 lashes/shorter lash bands as they fit better on my round eyes. The Camellia style from Eylure are quite thick on the outer corner and thinner and shorter on the inner making them fit my hooded eyes a lot better and yet they still look natural. They aren’t in your face and hardly anyone notices I’m wearing them but it’s more of a confidence thing for me, I’ve always been a bit iffy with my natural lashes they are straight and light in colour and mascara never really does anything for them in the long run, so now I’ve finally been able to quickly apply lashes I’m so much happier with my overall makeup looks.


River Island ripped jeans


I finally found my perfect pair of ripped blue jeans in the middle of April and have been wearing them throughout both April and May! I find blue jeans don’t suit me as I am so comfortable wearing black, but these are the perfect shade of blue, not too dark and not too washed out! I was skeptical about the rips as my legs aren’t my best feature but I’ve grown to embrace them through wearing these jeans. I love pairing them with high top trainers, fishnet tights, a cute graphic tee and bomber jacket, they just jazz up a somewhat simple and geeky outfit! I showcased these jeans in my Blackpool OOTD.

Tee & Cake ‘feeling salty’ tee


My second fashion fave off the month is my ‘Feeling Salty’ tee from Tee & Cake in Topshop. I’m partial to the somewhat cringe but adorable graphic tee and this one I had my eye on for a while. I love the pocket detail it’s so appropriate and adds a tiny bit of colour to a basic white tee. I showed this tee in my recent Casual Saturday OOTD.


My final favourites from the month of may are a couple of music recommendations! I’ve not mentioned much music on my blog but I do have a link to my Spotify and song of choice on my blog homepage. This month I’ve been listening to The Sherlocks. I first found out about them sitting in the back of a mates car, on the way to a house viewing they put Live For The Moment on their Spotify and I was hooked ever since.

Another song I’ve low key had on repeat since it’s release is the new single from PVRIS. Their first album was a major release and gained them such a huge fanbase but now their second album ‘All we know of heaven, all we know of hell’ is dropping in the next few months and Heaven the first single is shaping up the new album nicely and really sticks with the unique PVRIS sound.


That’s a wrap on my May favourites! I hope you enjoyed this little collective round up of the month of May and I’ll try to keep these going throughout the summer months! See you soon! xo

P.S If you like my feature image then you can get in contact with me through my social media for any design doodles you may want!


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      1. I’ve been looking at the drying lotion too but do you think it would be alright for sensitive skin i’m always really skeptical about products like that in case they break me out further or dry up the areas surrounding spots x

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