Hey beauties! I’m back with the second half of my Space N.K purchases. I finally caved and bought the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Moonstone.

Moonstone is a universally loved shade of Becca’s signature highlighters and I was a little skeptical about purchasing it. I swatched every single highlighter and I was really struggling to choose between Moonstone and Prosecco Pop which was created initially with Jaclyn Hill’s face palette. Prosecco Pop was a shade I’ve never seen before and true gold, almost an old gold colour but I wanted to get as much use out of an expensive highlighter as I could get so I went for Moonstone in the end because I knew it would flatter my skin and most makeup looks better!


On first impression in the store the highlighters are smaller than I first imagined but then again I’ve been used to the gigantic size of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin frost compacts. Becca’s packaging is a matte muted black shade with white writing, very minimalist and straight to the point. The more sophisticated and premium the brand the simpler the packaging in my view.

The compact itself is a round discus shape and reminds me of the stereotypical U.F.O shape, it’s very light to carry and has rubber elements which at first I thought it was strange and it does collect any messy bits of makeup. I’m not overly keen on the compact packaging I find it a bit plain and boring but I bought this for the product not the name.

Opening the compact there is a plastic cover over the top of the highlight and a small mirror which fills the compact lid.

Moonstone is an intense champagne highlighter with peachy reflects which isn’t like anything I own, it reminds me of a peachier version of The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer.

Here are Becca’s claims:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 00.40.08.png

Now for my opinion, I agree with Becca that the Shimmering skin perfectors give an ultra-reflective shine, depending on which shade you pick for your skin tone obviously the highlight can look more natural and more blinding. For example Moonstone is quite a natural coloured highlight for me with a base that suits my skin, but if I had bought Pearl I would have encountered a blinding silver highlighter that sits on top of my skin rather than blend in.


Swatching the highlighter I can tell that it has been extremely finely milled, it’s so soft and buttery, I’ve swirled my finger around in the product quite a few times now and it almost looks untouched as it is so pigmented you really don’t need a lot of it to create a gorgeous glow.


I do think the highlighter is rather glittery in the pan but on the face this doesn’t show as much which is a relief for my textured, matte skin!

However I disagree that this is an “iconic” formula, I’ve found similarly smooth and pigmented highlighters from other brands e.g. The Balm and Sleek which are both considerably cheaper than the £32 price tag Becca is wielding.

Do I regret this purchase? No I do not, I think the colour is incredibly unique and I find it so unbelievably flattering but if you can pass on a peachy highlighter then maybe not invest the money in something you could find easily at a much cheaper price!


That’s it for another first impression, I hope you enjoyed reading my views on such a cult product over the past year! Let me know if you’ve tried any of Becca’s cosmetics I’m intrigued to explore the brand more! xo


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