Hey lovelies! I’m back today with a first impression of a product I never thought I’d need or want to buy. Since visiting Space N.K last month I’ve seen some brands that I never thought I could purchase in UK stores and this has made me want to look into them more and has therefore given me an even longer makeup wishlist.

The brands I’ve been wanting to try in Space N.K are Becca, Kevyn Aucoin and Hourglass. Today I’m bringing you a first impression on my first ever Hourglass product, the Ambient Lighting Blush in the shade Mood Exposure.


Hourglass packaging is very sleek and sophisticated. The deep bronze colour is something I’ve not seen in any other brand and complimented with gold writing it definitely speaks to the more sophisticated woman. The brand and product name is on the front, ingredient info is on the back and shade name on the side.

Inside the box is a small leaflet with a load of info on it, some duplicated from the back of the box and out slides the blush compact.


Again the packaging is very sleek and smart and has an interesting clasp being in the right hand corner and very square, it just adds a bit of uniqueness to a boring clasp shutter. The packaging is very luxe so it’s also quite bulky but I’m not complaining as it is still a small compact.


The run down:

(from the Hourglass website)

• Ambient Lighting Blush fuses universally flattering Ambient Lighting Powders with vivid cheek colours, creating airy, lightweight hybrid blushes that provide seamless, soft-focus, multidimensional colour.
• While traditional blush can tend to be flat, Ambient® Lighting Blush uses Photo-luminescent Technology to exhibit depth and dimension.
• The hand-made powders are formulated using an advanced miscelare technique—which means “to mix” in Italian—creating the perfect balance of pigment and powder, and no two look alike.
• Delivers a natural radiant finish with buildable colour and complements all Ambient Lighting products.


From these claims I can say the colour does look “multidimensional” all the shades in the compact mix together to create different hues of a soft plum. Areas of the blush look matte and others look shimmery making it look like a ‘natural’ blush. Hourglass are also correct in saying it gives a radiant finish and doesn’t look flat on the skin at all which is a fabulous property for a blush to have especially when being applied on my skin as I love to wear a full coverage any form of radiance/glow is very much so appreciated!

And finally for the claims Hourglass say the colour is buildable but I’m happy to say it’s not necessary! The blush is so much more pigmented than I imagined and one tap with a brush is enough for one cheek, so I’ll take their word for it saying it is a buildable colour because quite frankly if I used any more product I would look battered and bruised! Don’t get me wrong the plum colour is absolutely stunning and like nothing I have in my collection but overused it can look a bit much!

My swatch above shows its colour, it is described as a soft plum but on my hand it looks rather peachy and on my face I can surely say it looks a bit more on the lilac side. You can see in the swatch the tiny particulars of shimmer which is what helps this blush radiate and blend against highlighters.

My final thoughts! I’m obsessed with the smooth buttery formula and the shade is divine! It took me a while to pick between the shades on offer but I thought I’d try something a bit different and I’m not disappointed! Hourglass you did good!

Let me know if any of you have tried any Hourglass products and what you thought of them! I’m going to be uploading a lot of first impressions over the next couple of weeks so I hope you enjoy the new products!



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