Hey everyone, I’m coming back today with a review I said I would do in my recent MAC haul.

After watching Nikkie Tutorials and Jeffree Star use MAC Shivering White studio fix pastel powder as a matte highlighting powder I knew I had to try it for myself. The only powder I have found so far that highlights my pale skin is the Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder in Snow but loose powders aren’t the easiest of makeup items to carry around on a day to day basis.


The run down:

  • A MAC Pro product
  • Part of the studio fix range
  • Same size and weight as the original studio fix powders
  • Stark white

From the run down I presumed this would be a similar formula to the original studio fix that I love but I was wrong. When I first got the powder I swatched it and it came off so chalky and patchy that my heart sank I was really looking forward to trying it and now I was very skeptical.

When I did my makeup the next time I tried using it the same why I would do my usual studio fix and all other pressed powders, use a sponge to pick up the product and dab onto the places I want to highlight. The sponge picked up A LOT of product so I tapped off some excess and started applying to my under eyes (after I had powdered with my original studio fix) and I couldn’t see anything getting brighter or whiter just a whole load of powder piling up under my eyes. After I finished a thin layer my eyes felt like they had a very dry cracking face mask around them, it was very uncomfortable.

I then tried with a brush on other areas and it does work a little bit better but again on top of the other powder first and it didn’t highlight as much as I would have liked it too.



My impression isn’t all too great on this powder so far it doesn’t pack the punch I was originally hoping for. From here I am going to attempt putting this powder on it’s own under my eyes before any other powder and see how I fair but because the coverage isn’t the same I have a feeling it won’t work out all too well. I rely quite heavily on the original studio fix powder to give me that coverage I desire under my eyes, because as well as the concealer I use may cover up all my dark circles I will always need to set them because I have a lot of fine lines and quite a lot of powders soak up the product already on the skin and remove it which is exactly what I don’t want.


So I’m going to keep on using the Shivering White and see how I get on with it, because I still definitely want to use it up but I’ll keep you posted in tutorials if I’ve found a better way for this to work for me.

Thank you all for reading, do let me know if you’ve found any pale full coverage powders that I could try it would be very much so appreciated! xo


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