Hey guys! I’m finally pursuing a series on my blog. I really enjoyed writing my collective reviews on a few new products each month that I didn’t want to put into singular posts, so I’m back again with a few new products I’ve been trying out in the month of may!

These products aren’t always going to be completely new launches but they are new to my collection and are my first time using them.


I had been on the hunt for a new eyeliner for a while and I saw on Instagram someone recommending this eyeliner for “precision” application which really intrigued me. It took me a while to buy it as I’m not the best when using brush applicators and used to felt tip nib applicators. The brush itself is tiny and thin so allows a lot of flexibility but does require a steady hand. As I’ve used this eyeliner I’ve noticed a few key things. Firstly the brush doesn’t split, I’ve used this eyeliner quite messily and in a rush and the brush always reverts back to its original thin, long form.

To begin with the colour is very intense and black and the formula doesn’t dry with a complete matte finish but it’s not intensely glossy either. In one swipe the colour is there but if you’re like me and like to go over areas a few times, only work in one direction otherwise the brush lifts the wet product from the eyelid leaving gaps of skin peaking through.

I’ve used mine for quite a number of weeks now and it’s still not dried up at all and doesn’t get all crusty around the rim of the tube. It’s long slim shape makes it easy to carry around for touch ups or when travelling and is a secure piece of packaging so leaks don’t happen.

I do feel that liquid eyeliners last longer than felt tips so I will always have one of each in my collection at the same time as I like them for different styles of eyeliner. But this Rimmel eyeliner would be a very good option for beginners, if I can master a liquid eyeliner then anyone can!


Another product from Rimmel, this month I’ve been trying their loose powder. I’m obsessed with powders, they always make or break my makeup look for that day. One of my friends uses this powder and it always looks so soft and smooth on her skin so I thought I’d give it a go.

From first impressions the scent is a bit funny, I’m not very keen on it at all but I can look past that to use up a product. The powder itself looks very peachy which I was skeptical about since it claims to be translucent, I’ve never found a fully translucent loose powder as they always seem to oxidise…and unfortunately this one does the same!

I apply loose powder with a damp sponge and as soon as you pop the sponge into the pot the powder flies everywhere as it is so dusty in consistency. It does melt into the skin really well but as soon as it goes on the face the overwhelming scent comes back and turns my under eyes a bright peach colour which I can never seem to counteract unless I take my base makeup off and start again. After a couple of minutes wear it also makes my eyes feel very heavy and tight.

I really doubt I’ll be using this again unless I have an emergency!



I thought I would quickly include a tool for makeup as they are obviously just as important as the products themselves. I impulsively bought New Look’s own brand rose gold eyelash curler from a recommendation from a friend. I always use eyelash curlers but I’m still not sure how much they really do for my lashes. I usually buy No7’s lash curler but they can get quite expensive.

The New Look eyelash curler has a stiffer mechanism than others I have tried so it feels like it is actually putting pressure on my lashes to move and curl. I’ve noticed my lashes have looked more curly since using this tool and look good on a whole for a bit longer that I’m used to. It’s easy to clean and comes with an extra rubber cover. I can’t fault it!


Another impulsive buy! I’ve been using the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara for my bottom lashes for god knows how long and now that it has completely dried up I knew I needed to hunt for another. So as the name suggests it is made for the bottom eyelashes. The product itself is absolutely tiny and the wand contains five layers of bristles to make it easy to grab each tiny bottom lash and coat with product.

For £14.50 it may seem a bit of a gimmick but I know that the actual idea behind it is very good, the wand is perfect for bottom lashes and hard to reach eyelashes, and it avoids any mistakes…however the formula is very wet and transfers so so badly! I’ve had the worst panda eyes from using this mascara and I absolutely hate having those marks under my eyes as they are impossible to get rid of!


I feel like this was a waste of money now as much as I love the idea the formula needs improving because the whole point is to not make mistakes and make life easier yet my whole makeup looks worse than ever when I get so much transfer!



Another drugstore powder that I’ve wanted to try was the True Match pressed powder by L’Oreal. I’ve heard so many good things about the foundation of the same name that I thought that the powder must be good too.

The packaging looks cheap and is quite flimsy and the sponge that comes with the powder is useless, but the powder itself reminded me of MAC Studio Fix when I swatched it but when I applied to my face it was a whole other story.


To begin with I thought I had the right shade but the lights in Boots played tricks on me as this is the lightest shade they do and is bright orange! I was so scared to use it once I swatched it at home because of the colour but the colour doesn’t really matter in the end because it is so sheer! It’s nothing like MAC Studio Fix at all, it does what a setting powder is supposed to do it makes you matte and controls your oils but I prefer having coverage in my powder and this one just doesn’t do it for me. So I will be giving this away to a friend to see if they can get some use of it because I will never touch it again, it’s not what I imagined it would be. With that being said the powder doesn’t look cakey on the skin and it does keep me matte and controls my limited amount of oils, so if you were darker in complexion these powders could be great for you but for us pale girls I’d stay well clear of this powder.

So that’s it another set of monthly reviews, the majority of this post is quite negative but I always find negative reviews just as helpful as the positive. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you soon! xo


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