Hey everyone, I’ve not done many hauls on my blog before so today I’m bringing you a little MAC haul. My order came whilst I was off finishing my uni work so I’ve had the chance to try all the products out a bit which is why a lot of them will not look brand new in the pictures. A few of the products I am going to save for singular reviews as I have a lot to say on them and compare them too.

The first thing that caught my eye on the website was the Fruity Juicy collection which is all very bright colourful and has the sweetest packaging. I originally wanted the limited edition Fix Plus bottle but that was out of stock but from this collection I picked up one of the lipsticks and a new product for MAC the Pearlmatte face powder.

Fruity Juicy-Calm Heat (matte)

This colour looked the most appealing to me as I don’t really like to wear oranges or corals. Calm Heat is a quite a neutral nude on my lips but when swatched it seems to have a peachy undertone to it. I don’t really wear stick lipsticks anymore but you can’t deny they look pretty in a makeup collection. I only own 2 matte lipstickS from MAC and I really can’t decide if I like the formula or not.


For this lipstick in particular it is very pigmented and opaque and it doesn’t feel too dry when I wear it but if you do have naturally dry lips then it will flake and look a bit shitty when you try to reapply on top of but that’s just how matte lipsticks work. I can’t really fault the lipstick in that sense because that is just the properties of a matte lipstick. It’s a true nude that isn’t streaky which I’m very happy to have in my collection.

Fruity Juicy-Pearlmatte face powder (Oh! my passion)


This next product really intrigued me because of it’s pure uniqueness in packaging and colour. From the description I presumed this was going to be a very sheer glowy powder to dust all over the face but when I got it I was wrong. Each shade is individually pigmented and when swirled together make a sheer coral colour.

The emboss pattern and the shape of the shades itself is beautiful I really didn’t want to ruin it but at the same time couldn’t wait to use it. So far I’ve used this powder as a sheer bronzer on days when I’ve not got loads of makeup on and I’ve also used it as a warm blush. I’ve used the bronzer separately but it’s a little to warm for my skin tone and I’ve also used the highlight separately but it’s not overly shimmery and is very yellow in colour so I’ll avoid using that on it’s own. I do love this product but I do wish they did a glowier version since it is a summery collection it would make sense to have a glowy and a matte version but I’m still very happy I have it.

I know this works on pale to medium skin tones but for darker skin I’m not so sure.

Fix Plus

I picked up a bottle of Fix Plus, the original scent and packaging. I’ve found a new use for this which I will have explained in my previous tutorial, but I will never stop repurchasing this as it feels so fresh on the skin.

Studio fix powder-NC10

As you all know I’m a lover of the studio fix powder and I’ve been using NC15 for years because that was the lightest shade they did in store, but online they had NC10 so I thought I’d try this shade out instead and I’m so beyond pleased with it. It matches me perfectly and I know I love the formula however I picked up another Studio Fix powder, the coveted and incredibly hard to get your hands on Shivering White.

Studio fix pastels-Shivering White

Shivering White is a stark, pure white studio fix pastel powder, so in theory should have the same coverage and smooth texture but that is not the case at all. I’m leaving this powder for a full separate review because I have quite a big opinion on it.

Extra dimension blush-Faux sure

Moving onto the last couple of products, I picked up a new blush, the Extra Dimension powder blush in Faux Sure. I’m starting to prefer blushes with more of a sheen to them instead of being completely matte as they sit better on my skin and don’t show up any dryness. The colour is also something completely new to me, it is a rusty copper colour so I was skeptical before putting on my face that it would look a bit like sunburn but I was wrong it is super pretty, I definitely prefer this formula to the original powder blushes.

Mixing medium-eyeliner

The last product I bought was the Mixing medium-eyeliner, I’ve also been intrigued into the pro products and as I love coloured eyeliner I thought this might be handy if I’m ever wanting to turn loose eyeshadows, pigments or glitters into eyeliners. It’s consistency isn’t thin but also isn’t gloopy but I’ve yet to try this properly so I’ll try to use it in a tutorial soon and give my full opinion then.

That’s it for my MAC haul and I hope you enjoyed reading it, let me know if you’ve tried any of the products above or if there are any you would recommend to me!

See you soon! xo


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    1. It’s one of my favourite MAC packagings for sure! And it really is so versatile not too warm and not too cool, I have a post going up in a week or so swatching all my MAC lipsticks so that’ll show it in comparison to other nude shades I own 💖

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