I’m back with yet again another ootd and another collab with my lovely nicole!

We met on another sunny saturday and had a drink and went to take photos and for a walk. The weather was honestly so lovely, not too hot and not too cold but blue skies all round! We took a different direction to the usual and walked along the canal towards our local garden centre where we took photos and splashed about in the river.

This is one of my favourite places, a place I used to go on primary school trips to learn about tadpoles and all the pond wildlife. We took our time taking photos are getting the right shots but once we were finished we made our way onto a secret path which takes you up the other side of the valley where we live and to the old quarry. People use this path on horses and for walking dogs but I’d not been up there in years.

You get the most gorgeous views of where me and nicole live and we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful scenic place. We slowly made our way along exploring the nooks and crannys to the quarry and then made our way back down into the village to grab a bite to eat before going home.

Granted I didn’t expect to be going on such a strenuous walk or I wouldn’t have worn a dress in the tall grass but it kept me warm enough as we got higher and higher up the side of the valley.

I think you all will have gathered by now that I love my all black outfits and today was no different. I paired a black satin strap dress with a black long sleeved roll neck jumper with a pair of thin tights and my low black and white converse. I threw on my black and tartan bomber jacket, black knitted bobble hat and a leather look shoulder bag.

I really loved this outfit, I’m not usually one for wearing dresses on casual occasions simply because I don’t feel my most comfortable but this day was different I loved it!

My roll neck jumper is such a staple for when it gets chilly and even in the sunny weather it didn’t make me overheat.



ROLL NECK: New Look (no longer available)

DRESS: Missguided (similar)

JACKET: Urban Outfitters (no longer available)

SHOES: Converse

HAT: Topshop

BAG: New Look

I really hope you liked this little outfit I threw together last Saturday and get some slight inspiration from it! Thank you all for reading! xo


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