Hey everyone, today I’m collabing with my lovely friend Nicole on an Outfit Of The Day post. We met up on the weekend for some food and a catch up to talk all things blogging and makeup related. Whilst we were there we decided to collab on our first post together focusing on our OOTD’s.

Java is our go to place for a coffee and a bite to eat as it’s walking distance from both our houses and a half way stop on our way to work, but this time we both have Saturday off so went out for a couple of hours to have a catch up and get away from the stress of college and university.

We sat down and talked about the designs of our blogs and complained about all the stress we’re about to come under and ordered food. Nicole had a Goats Cheese and Red Pepper toastie and I had the Italian meatballs (divine!) As Java got busier we decided to take photos for this post so here is what I wore:


DENIM JACKET: Urban Outfitters

JEANS: New Look


SCARF: H&M (no longer available)

T-SHIRT: Topshop

BAG: Friendnfoe



I love to wear monochrome and today was no different. I’ve always said I prefer to add colour with smaller items or within my makeup, so I’ve started to customise my black denim jacket with iron on patches.

I love to wear little graphic style tshirts and I picked this “feeling salty” tee up from topshop a few months ago. I love the glitter pocket detail and I like the style of graphic on a whole.


For casual days out I always like to wear something stylish but comfy which is why I went with my black jeans from New Look they are my wardrobe staple I have a couple of pairs of the same style because I love them so much. I quite like the way they wear over time slowly going slightly greyer since I hate stark black jeans on me. My vans are pretty much glued to my feet, very comfortable and sturdy for whatever occasion. I only have the one dark coloured backpack which I take everywhere, but I am on the hunt for a new one very soon as this one will collapse on me one day!

I’m not huge on accessorising I don’t wear much jewellery but I did put in my silver hoops from New Look, and in terms of other accessories my scarf never leaves my neck on a slightly chilly day, it’s huge and thick making it perfect to drape over thinner jackets like my denim one or any other bomber jackets.

My makeup in this post will be scheduled for a later date using all purple tones.


I hope you enjoyed this quick collab post, and got some inspo from my outfit choice, be sure to check out Nicole’s outfit as we have very different styles her choice may be more suited to you. I’ll be back very soon!



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