Hey everyone today I’m going to be showing you my experience at Manchester’s first cat cafe. Just before the Easter break I booked an hour in the cat cafe online for my friends Alisha and Nicole and of course myself. It cost me £36 for the three of us to be in there for an hour and all hot/cold drinks were included, if you wanted a snack that was an extra amount you had to pay.

The cat cafe is situated on the outskirts of Northern Quarter near to the Shude Hill area of Manchester and is set back off the main street in a well developed area surrounded by very modernised flats, it’s a very quiet area saying it’s in a very busy city.


We booked our slot for 1pm and I’d recommend if you’re wanting to book don’t leave it too short notice as the slots get filled quite quickly but they do allow walk ins too. On their website they say their custom comes from 50% bookings and 50% walk ins, but you may have a little waiting time if you don’t book in advance. They do have some cat cafe rules on the walls which I think are reasonable to abide with and they give you a laminated card in which the employees fill in if you have any slices of cake or biscuits etc. and you pay that at the end.

You have the option to keep your shoes on and wear plastic covers or to take them off and wear socks. Obviously this is for hygiene reasons and I chose to keep my shoes on and wear covers. They have a couple of lockers if you don’t want to take your bags in and then you follow the paw prints to the cafe and we were greeted by a cat at the door. The whole place was a very neutral colour theme with splashes of yellow and brown to coincide with their logo. They had cream sofas, comfy chairs, bar style tables and a load of cat toys to play with.


The whole room is extremely cute and cat friendly with soft rugs, each cat has their own personalised bed and they also have platforms to walk around on at the top of the room. The cafe is a cats dream! On the website which I will link at the end they only display 10 cats in their cat family but there are many more and they rotate the cats around so they can have some time to themselves and have a sleep in peace away from the cafe. 

We settled down got some hot drinks and a slice of cake each and then went wandering, a lot of the cats seeemd very sleep when we got there so one of the rules is to not wake them or touch them when they are asleep so we had a catch up but as the cats rotated a few were a lot more lively.


I definitely made a little friend in Riley a very sleep kitty with the prettiest olive green eyes, and Georgina was definitely a sweetheart her face would make you melt. The whole experience was very therapeutic for me. I absolutely adore cuddly creatures and I used to have 2 cats but for years we’ve not had any pets and I really miss having them around the house so going to the cat cafe rekindled my love of cats and was so calming for me.

2017-04-03 06.21.30 1.jpg


The only problem I had when in the cafe wasn’t any fault of the organisation but families were quite irresponsible when we were there. The rules clearly state not to chase the cats, or disturb the cats when they are eating or sleeping and when younger kids come in who don’t like to do as they are told they just ruin the experience running around after cats, you wouldn’t let your child do that in a regular cafe so why let them here when there are animals involved I thought it was very annoying and it put me a bit on edge.

Other than that though the three of us had a very pleasant time, loved every single second of it and are convinced we’re going to turn into crazy cat ladies very soon!

I would highly recommend checking out the cat cafe if it’s something that would appeal to you, I know there are a lot of people who turn their nose up at the idea of eating near animals but the cafe is extremely clean, and the cats are bathed regularly, I couldn’t think of a nicer thing to do with a couple of friends.

Just to conclude with the basic info:

  • £12 per person for 1 hour with unlimited drinks
  • £1 every 5 minutes for walk ins and any time you spend over the hour you book
  • Cakes are £3.50 a slice


Also if I’m still correct if you start a Paypal account (have to pay through Paypal online) and the cat cafe is the first transaction of the month you can save £5 on your purchase. This doesn’t just stand for cat cafe but Paypal transactions in general! 

So thank you very much for reading through this little snippet of my life, and leave me your comments/opinions on cat cafes and if you would ever visit one!


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