Hi everyone, in todays post I’m going to talk you through a small part of my makeup collection. I had the idea to show you all my makeup collection but in category split posts so I can talk more in depth on the products. I’m starting off today with a very special palette of mine, my Custom Z-Palette which is currently holding 18 pan eyeshadows.

I bought my magnetic Z-Palette from Beauty Bay for £17.50. That may seem expensive for an empty magnetic palette but I used to have a £10 large MAC Pro Palette and the magnet was very weak, didn’t shut properly and was quite bulky. However the Z-Palette has the faux leather feel, sturdier packaging and a stronger magnet so I don’t mind paying more for a durable palette.



Inside this palette I keep my rainbow of eyeshadow pans that come from MAC, Makeup Geek and Coloured Raine. So I’ll jump straight in with the close up images and swatches of each shade!


As you can see this shade is well loved, my perfect inner corner highlight. It is the perfect white gold metallic shade and is extremely buttery and pigmented. This is my second pan of Nylon.


A peachy pink frost shadow from MAC which I can’t wait to get rid of! It’s not very pigmented or reflective. I do like the overall shade but I’m going to try and replace this very soon.


Another shade I can’t wait to get rid of! It is the perfect orange transition shade but it’s chalky, not pigmented enough and just doesn’t blend!

MAC-Amber Lights

You’ll see a theme with my MAC shadows that the mattes are very underwhelming and really need reformulating but the shimmers/metallics are gorgeous and Amber Lights was the first eyeshadow I ever fell in love with! It’s the perfect firey gold and really brings out the blue in my eyes.


One of MAC’s Veluxe Pearl finishes meaning it has the pigment of a metallic but has a smoother formula which is definitely true for this shade. Instead of a traditional copper colour it leans towards the red base making it quite an interesting shade perfect for green eyes!

Makeup Geek-Bitten

This is exactly what a matte shadow should be like! Smooth, buttery, intense pigment and zero fallout, and guess what they are cheaper than MAC! Bitten is a red/brown shade perfect for those vampy autumn looks.

Makeup Geek-Cabin Fever

Another glorious matte from Makeup Geek, Cabin Fever is the staple neutral brown everyone needs in their kit/collection. Cabin Fever does pull too orange or too red or too cool it’s a chocolate brown that can be used in almost any look!

Makeup Geek-Petal Pusher

A matte dusty pink shade, I bought this after severly hitting pan on Buon Fresco from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette which I have swatches and first impressions on here. Petal Pusher is on the pinkier side which I quite like meaning I can use it in more looks.

MAC-Stars n’ Rockets

A very underwhelming shade which I will be getting rid of very soon as I have already bought a replacement. Stars n’ Rockets is a pink eyeshadow with lilac and blue duo-chrome pigments running through it. I thought this was such a unique shade until I found a shadow that is so much better but almost an identical dupe!

Makeup Geek-Day Dreamer

Stunning foiled lilac/silver shade! So buttery and pigmented in just one swatch, I’m so impressed with Makeup Geek’s formulas that most high end brands need to step up soon before they get no sales from me anymore!

Makeup Geek-Blacklight

This is the shade I’m replacing Stars n’ Rockets with. Blacklight has a brighter pink base with a more intense blue reflect.  The reason I say this isn’t an exact dupe is because there isn’t much lilac in there compared to Stars n’ Rockets. Most duo-chrome eyeshadows are very ry to touch and hard to get pigment from but Makeup Geek have somehow mastered the smooth formula.

Makeup Geek-Motown

I saw a lot of people especially Jaclyn Hill use Motown in one of her tutorials and it looked like the perfect true deep purple. Purple shades usually have a lot of red in compared to blue and decent matte purples are very hard to come by as they are very chalky but this one is different it is packed with so much pigment it’s easy to apply too much.

MAC-Satin Taupe

Another shade that is well talked about or used to be about 5 years ago! This was one of the first MAC shadows I ever bought and I’ve not got as much use out of it as I thought I would because even though it has a lovely amount of pigment and the formulation is buttery and almost creamy I just can’t pull off this colour as it washes out my eye colour and makes my makeup look dirty because of the neutral grey undertone.

Makeup Geek-Dirty Martini

As the name suggests this is quite a dirty green colour. Again I’ve seen Jaclyn Hill using this shadow and it looked incredible. I’ve always wanted to try an olive green smokey eye but I never had the shades to do so and this was my first step. I liked this shade a lot more than I thought I would when I blended it into the crease!

Makeup Geek-Venom

I can express how amazing this eyeshadow is! It’s THE most pigmented eyeshadow I’ve ever touched, it is so finely milled which is what makes it so smooth! Venom is a dark forest green with a gold reflect it is so so stunning!


A very unique eyeshadow, Steamy is a light blue with an undertone of light green mixing it into a shimmering duck egg blue. I used Steamy a while ago all over my lid and I hated it, it washed out my eye colour but I do love the shade so will use it in a smaller capacity next time.

Coloured Raine-Blue Magic

Adding to the rainbow, Blue Magic is a highly pigmented albeit a bit chunky bright royal blue metallic shadow. It is so pretty so reflective and so shiny! If you’re after a royal blue look no further!

Coloured Raine-Black Moon

Finally everybody needs a good bold black matte eyeshadow in their collection. Black Moon from Coloured Raine is the blackest shadow I own that doesn’t become chalky when you blend it out. You will have seen this eyeshadow in many of my tutorials out of the palette but this is where I keep it in my Z-Palette.

That’s all the single eyeshadows I have in my Z-Palette. If I were to recommend five of these for you I’d get Nylon, Bitten, Motown, Venom and Black Moon. Now I’ve said those colours it might be fun for me to try and create a look out of those 5 colours, let me know if you’d like to see that in the comments. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back soon with more beauty posts!


You can shop the shadows at these links and for reference I used my Selfie Ring Light when taking the photos as my camera seems to have quite a yellow toned flash not showing the true colours.

MAC £10

MAKEUP GEEK £6-£9.25




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