Hi everyone! I’m back with a first impression today! A while ago I was gifted with the Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con No.7 palette in The Starlet. Since Marc Jacobs is a very luxurious brand I know a lot of people who want to read reviews before buying the palette so here is my honest opinion along with swatches.

A bit of background information Marc Jacobs beauty can be purchased physically from Harrods and the Marc Jacobs store in London and online on Harrods, Sephora and the usual big beauty sites. The Style Eye Con No.7’s retail for £45 and the palette itself contains 7 eyeshadows in a sleek black case with a clip fixture and also a black Marc Jacobs pouch to keep the palette secure.

The reason I was drawn to The Starlet palette the most is because all the eyeshadows are shimmery/metallic and all have great colour pay off whereas the matte shades in some of the other palettes were really crap for the price you would pay so I wanted it to be a worthwhile purchase/gift and know I would use all the shades.

Now onto the actual product itself let’s take a look inside


This is the box once purchased a very sleek black and white thin rectangular box with the Marc Jacobs logo, style of palette and the palette name is on the edge of the box.

Once opened we have a black pouch with the palette securely inside. The black pouch is a nice material and secures with a small press stud much like a sunglasses case. The pouch also has the logo patch woven into the bottom.

Now the packaging so far gets a thumbs up from me now onto the actual palette. The palette is of a shiny black plastic variety and although it is definitely plastic it doesn’t feel cheap in any way. Like I said earlier the palette is secured with a metal click and release clasp. The hinge on the palette is very sturdy so the mirror side of the palette doesn’t flap around like cheaper palettes do. The mirror covers the whole lid of the palette but because the palette is so thin all you can see is the eyes and maybe half of your eyebrows and that’s about it, so if you were wanting to travel with this palette and use this is a mirror as your travel mirror I wouldn’t recommend it, even a pocket mirror would be better than this one to complete a full face of makeup. The shadows are covered up by a plastic layover and this layover fits into the metal clasp to keep it even more secure.

Now we remove the plastic layover and here are the shades inside


As you can see there is a wide variety of warm and cool shades and it’s notable that they are all shimmers/metallics there are no matte shades in this palette. I’m not usually one for buying all shimmer palettes but I swatched the matte shades in other palettes and they were rather disappointing.

I’m going to show the swatches next and describe each colour since they don’t have names I’ll go from left to right.


The first shade is a taupe, lilac shimmer, it’s not as intense but would be lovely as a wash of colour over the lid on a minimal makeup day. The second is another shimmer but this time of the more peachy variety again I would be more likely to use this colour on minimal makeup days and would be drawn to this over the first as peachy shades suit my eye colour more.

The third is a rich chocolate brown metallic, with copper reflects. This shade is very intense and packs a punch of pigment and because it is a darker shade can be used as a darker outer corner colour in the place of a generic matte brown. The reflect matches the next bright orange coppery shade, another metallic and right up my street for my blue eyes. The formula is the same as the last isn’t powdery but is pigmented in one swipe.

The fifth shade I would describe as an old gold, another metallic that has the greenish gold tone, a colour which I’m not used to using on my eyes. The gold pulls towards the olive side, a colour I don’t currently own in my makeup collection. The next is a bright platinum silver metallic, out of all the colours I’ve used this the most as it is still bright enough to highlight, I’ve used this on my inner corner and brow bone most frequently.

The last shade is a gunmetal shimmer shade, it has a warm grey base again making a good alternative for a deep matte crease shade. Perfect for the cooler toned smokey eye.



Onto my final thoughts. Would I recommend this? I would for any makeup collector. Do I think it’s a must have? No I don’t, I think it is incredibly expensive for what it is, the formulation doesn’t blow me away and it’s nothing extraordinary compared to cheaper eyeshadows I have. You’re definitely paying for the brand name and packaging over the actual product, however it is a nice addition to have for any makeup lover/collector of high end brands.

I hope you all enjoyed this first impression, do leave me comments below telling me your favourite eyeshadow palettes, I’d love to know and maybe try out new brands.






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