Hey guys, I’ve got another review post to add to my blog this week and round off a week of reviews. I purchased a few more products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics about a week ago now from Beauty Bay and due to some imagery issues (none of my photos could be viewed) with my last Jeffree Star Cosmetics review I’ve had to delete the post so I’m trying again reviewing two different products from the brand.

Recently Jeffree Star and Manny MUA collaborated to release a 3 piece collection with Jeffree Stars brand. The release included a Skin Frost highlighter(£25.50) and two Velour Liquid Lipsticks(£16), available separately or as a bundle. In the UK Beauty Bay was only stocking the products separately which I didn’t mind as I had my eye on 2 items out of 3. I wanted to get my hands on Daddy liquid lipstick and Eclipse skin frost and because of the amazing response to the collab I only managed to walk away with the skin frost from the collab but I also had other Jeffree Star products in my basket which included Princess Cut Skin Frost, I’m Nude and Androgyny liquid lipsticks.

I’m going to jump straight into my first impressions and swatches of the products starting off with Eclipse.

The packaging for this collection was second to none and really captured both Jeffree and Manny’s styles. The box is embossed and textured keeping to the silver and black theme and featuring the custom logo combining the star and moon. The compact itself is matte black and the logo is holographic which I am obsessed with. The component size is the same as all the other skin frosts and comes with the same amount of product inside.

With flash
Ring light (swatched once)

Above is the skin frost itself embossed with the same logo on the box. I would describe the highlight as an icy peach. As you’ll see in the swatches next to Princess Cut this highlighter isn’t as blinding on my skintone because it has such a warm base so this makes the perfect “natural” highlight for me. This makes this easy for me to not use too much at once as it is very buildable. The formula is like all other skin frosts quite glittery but very smooth and best applied with a dense highlighting brush (I use the Real Techniques setting brush).

Princess cut is next and is in the original pink glossy packaging and the standard Jeffree Star logo.

With flash
Ring Light

Again Princess Cut has the same smooth and pigmented formula but this is less glittery and is a lot more intense on my pale skin as it has a silver base. Princess cut is the perfect cotton candy pink highlighter and is my new favourite shade for my skin tone.

Eclipse and Princess Cut (with flash)


The swatches above show Princess cut on the left and Eclipse on the right. Eclipse when swatched looks like it would be too dark for my skin tone but it’s just right to sit on the skin without looking dirty but it does have the peachy golden reflect which I find quite unique and lovely. Princess cut on the other hand is a lot brighter and whiter and stands out more on my skin tone and I’m so happy I bought this it is so gorgeous goes with any eye look I have on and is my new staple.

I have been using a ring light for the photos without flash, one of the selfie ring lights that can clip on to your phone, I got mine from Amazon for about £6 here

Onto the liquid lipsticks. I already own 5 liquid lipsticks that vary in formula and unfortunately so do these two. I’m Nude is a simply stunning neutral pale nude colour and I can just about pull it off even with the palest of skin, however it is on the watery side making it a little streaky which means I have to take my time applying it but other than that the lipstick is very pigmented, only if the formula was a bit thicker.



Above is the swatch for I’m Nude as you can see it’s a very staple nude colour, but it sways towards the peachier side, once on my lips however it neutralises.


Below I have some comparison swatches against some of my other lip colours, I find these sorts of swatches really helpful to compare undertones and finishes of different lip products.


All of my nude lip products so far seem to be more peachy, I think the closest I have is Lace Detail by Nyx however I hate this formula so I can definitely justify buying I’m Nude as another lipstick purchase.

Moving on to Androgyny, I’ve had my eye on this shade for ages but when I’ve seen it online it always seems to look so different on so many people, but I finally took the plunge and I was correct it looks completely different on me than anyone else I’ve seen. Androgyny in the tube looks like a warm berry shade however when applied on the lips turns into a warm aubergine colour which I’m not mad about I think it’s extremely unique. This formula is a lot thicker and is like Gemini and Mannequin which is opaque in one swipe has a clean applicator and applies easily.



Again I have comparison swatches to my current collection and looking back at the photos none of my lip products are anything like it. I’ve never found a colour that has a lot of purple and red pigments in it but with a slight tint of brown.


I’m overall incredibly impressed by the skin frosts and very impressed by the liquid lipsticks. The skin frosts aren’t for the faint hearted and I would only recommend these to people who love a blinding highlight and if anyone is hesitant about purchasing Jeffree Star Cosmetics products I’d start with the liquid lipsticks, they are lightweight, come in the widest variety of shades and are very comfortable on the lips and easy to reapply on top of. These Velour Liquid Lipsticks are up there with my favourite formulations of liquid to matte lipsticks.

I hope you enjoyed this quick run down of some new Jeffree Star products and I hope some of you try out these products as they are definitely worth the hype for makeup lovers.



  1. I love the look of Princess! I was also unsure of I’m Nude as I’m super pale but it looks so lovely on you that I’m adding it to my wish list ☺️ thanks for pointing me to your post! xx

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