Hi guys, I’m back with another first impression. I’m really enjoying writing these posts at the moment and I have another new product to tell you all about today. The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Highlighting drops are plastered all over Youtube and Instagram as one of those blinding liquid highlighters so I thought I’d test out one of the newer shades from this range and one that hardly anyone is showcasing online. I picked up the shade Halo at Space N.K in Manchester last week.


The drops cost Β£34 for 15ml of product which I think is on the pricey side but I don’t know of any other brands that offer this shade, of this style of liquid highlighter. The bottle comes in a copper metallic box, and the drops themselves come in a weighty bottle with the sticker resembling the colour inside wrapped around it. The lid is the pipette style dropper and is made of black rubber and metal trimming.

I’m going to jump into the claims that Cover FX make on their website and see if my thoughts and opinions match up.

Cover FX claim:

  • Buildable highlight
  • Light reflective
  • Liquid metal finish

All of these claims I can completely agree with. The idea of the drops are to customise your look so the more drops you add the more intense the highlight. Depending on how you apply the product also changes the finish, if you dab the liquid on with your fingers then the highlighter will be more intense if you blend with a sponge the sheerer it will become.

Cover Fx say it can be blended on top of foundation as a blinding highlight or mixed in with a foundation for an all over glow. I’ve tried both and prefer applying the drops under foundation but only in the places I would highlight and I’ll tell you why now.

Since the shade I bought has a blue reflect mixing this into my foundation makes the pigment of the foundation change colour and makes me look quite ill, I’ve tried tapping this on top of foundation and it breaks up the product underneath. So after priming I put these drops on my cheekbones, above the brows, nose, cupids bow and chin and I get a gorgeous blue reflect when the light hits my face.

My theory behind the breaking up of foundation is that the formula is different to anything else I’ve ever used. The drops are very watery which is what I would expect but once you start to blend or tap with fingers it feels very oily but in a dry sense. I would recommend swatching these drops in store to see if you like the formula. The oily feel doesn’t bother me that much because I have dry skin but for oily skin types I’d test it before buying as it could make you look very greasy.

I’m going to swatch the drops now to see what they look like on my pale skin.

The excess on my hand after rubbing in, you can see the pearly reflect.

As you can see the drops look quite a odd, funky colour when dropped onto the back of my hand but as you rub in they reflect blue and lilac. I only put 2 drops on my hand and it goes a very very long way as a lot of product is stored in that wand it’s easy to go over board.


My final thoughts on the Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops in the shade Halo are that I can see the hype behind them because they are so reflective and pigmented, I’m growing on the formula as it is oily at first I was concerned how it would take makeup on top of it but it dries quickly meaning it sets itself and you can apply powders on top without it moving about. In future I’m going to try some of the more “wearable” shades to see if they are more like liquid metal because Halo is more iridescent than I first expected meaning you don’t get that stripe that you see all over Instagram which I like for such an alien coloured highlighter.

I do think they are worth the price as they will last a very long time and think they are worthwhile to any highlighter junkie or liquid/cream product user.

That’s a wrap on this first impression I hope you all enjoyed reading!



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