Hey everyone, I’m back with a quick post for you today a first impression on the Smooth Finish Foundation Powder from Laura Mercier. I bought this powder recently when visiting Space N.K which I have a blog post on already which I’ll link here

I’ve been after a medium to full coverage foundation powder since my MAC Studio Fix is running out and definitely isn’t the perfect powder for me. I have many flaws with this powder, it’s very thick, oxidises on my skin to a pinky orange shade and MAC don’t do any lighter shades which is very annoying for us pale girls. Instead of repurchasing a powder I’m not happy with I decided to try a new one. My first idea was to go for the Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation but none of the shades seem to match me and the coverage didn’t seem enough for me.

I swatched the Nars All Day Luminous Foundation Powder and the Laura Mercier one but I’ve not had much luck with Nars face products so plumped for the Laura Mercier. Out of all the testers they had 02 seemed the best shade match for me and the powder itself was very smooth and lightweight.

I was going to show a swatch of the powder but it’s very hard to capture on camera. So I’ll move on to the details of what you’re getting.

One powder compact costs Β£35 and you get 9.2g of product which is a lot less than Cover FX (12g) and a hell of a lot less than MAC Studio Fix (15g) so part of this price point you are definitely paying for the brand behind the product.

The packaging isn’t too dissimilar to MAC or Cover FX, the compact has a circular mirror the powder in one part which flips up to hold a powder sponge which I do sometimes like to use. The Laura Mercier packaging feels sturdier than MAC and more secure and the glossy finish to the plastic makes it look more high end.


On Laura Mercier’s website they say you can apply the powder dry for a sheer to medium coverage which is matte or apply wet for a medium to full coverage with a natural finish. I’ve tried both so far and I prefer to apply the powder dry to most areas of my face but under my eyes and on my t-zone I’ve been using a damp Real Techniques sponge and pressing the powder under my eyes and I absolutely love the coverage it gives. The powder feels incredibly smooth on top of really dewy foundations/concealers, it just feels so luxurious.

Other claims on the website are:

  • Natural and long-wearing
  • Colour true veil
  • Evens complexion
  • Smooths and perfects
  • Flexes easily without settling into fine lines
  • Water resistant
  • Reduces shine
  • Hydrates
  • Reduces lines and pores

As you can see they claim a lot for this powder compact so I’m going to break it down based off my experience.

If the powder was dusted over the skin lightly I can see it being a natural looking powder but that’s not how I work with makeup so no base products look natural for me, however long wearing I do agree with, I’ve worn this for full days maybe 10 hours or more and it’s stood the test of time, I’ve been at work in a very hot kitchen and it’s stayed put and still looks flawless when I finish work.

I will agree that it is colour true, it doesn’t oxidise on my skin which I greatly appreciate but I still think the colour I chose is too dark for me and quite yellow toned, the yellow tone counteracts my redness which I have on my face but nowhere else. The powder definitely evens complexion as my redness never peaks through and gets rid of purple tones under my eyes.


I would agree that it smooths and perfects, I mentioned that the powder feels very soft to the touch and leaves my skin feeling so youthful and bouncy, however I don’t think the powder flexes easily because you can definitely feel the powder on your skin if too much is packed on it can feel like a mask and extremely heavy. I have noticed that this powder doesn’t settle as much into fine lines especially on my forehead I don’t have any expression lines showing up on my forehead or under my eyes but it still does settle into my smile lines but not as noticeably as the Studio Fix would.

I don’t find any powders to be water resistant which is the same for this one, no amount of water would be beaten by a foundation powder, and this powder definitely does not hydrate because it is very matte, my skin doesn’t feel any more plump or hydrated after wearing this powder, I think it’s a very odd claim for a powder to have.

The main and final perk of this powder is that it reduces so much shine so perfect for oily girls and definitely reduces the look of pores, it blurs and perfects the skin, even at a close look the pores are minimised and pretty much disappear it’s incredible.


To round up this first impression I am very pleased with my purchase however because it is expensive I’m not sure whether to repurchase. I will keep on using it of course because I love how it leaves my skin looking and how it finishes off any makeup look by making my skin look so simply flawless.

I would recommend this foundation powder for the more normal to oily skin types as it is very matte for those dry types, however I have very dry skin and it still works very well for me. They do have a limited shade range for the different undertones and would be better if they catered for very pale skin tones and very dark skin tones as I feel this would be such a hit with a lot of people who haven’t tried this yet.

So that’s all for another post I do hope you liked this little review on a singular product and I’ll hopefully keep these sorts of first impressions coming on a more regular basis.


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