Finally I’m back! Hey everyone, I’m on my Easter break from uni and in the midst of all my coursework I wanted to kick start my blog again ready for the summer!

For today’s post I’m going to try out something new which I’ve not yet integrated into this blog yet, an ‘Outfit of the day’. I’ve never considered myself that fashionable which is why I’ve always stayed well clear of these types of posts, but I went out for the day recently and quite liked my choice of outfit. I’m going to combine this with a little back story to the day and my outfit will be at the end if you’re wanting to skip through.

On Wednesday 5th April I went on a little day trip to Blackpool with a lovely human by the name of Lewis. We decided a while ago we wanted to go to a zoo/aquarium at some point and we finally got round to it now that it’s the Easter holidays. After a long train journey and a mix up with buses we got to the zoo and had one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

2017-04-06 12.34.13 1.jpg

We spent a good few hours in the zoo and I loved every second, but since it was shutting soon we jumped back on a bus into the centre of Blackpool. I’ve not been to Blackpool in a good few years and almost forgot what the place looked like, but the nostalgia kicked in when we entered North Pier, swapping my pounds for 2ps and using the slot machines. We migrated from North to Central Pier taking photos of the setting sun and running around acting like kids. The competition ran high during an intense game of air hockey and I have a bruise to remember the day by! Of course I couldn’t leave Blackpool without some rock and heart attack inducing donuts! We got the last train back to Salford and I never wanted the day to end. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced something so nostalgic and to do it all with my best friend made it even better!

I’ve got to say a huge thank you to Lewis for making the day ever so special and putting up with me getting so excited about every single animal in the zoo, and for taking some pictures of me for this blog post, he’s a good egg.

So here is what I wore for the day and if you’re wondering about my makeup, a post will be going up soon featuring my new everyday routine.


I knew Blackpool was going to be cold but I prefer being too cold than too hot so I went with my Pink Corduroy fleece lined jacket from Topshop (no longer available) and layered that over a t-shirt which was exclusive to The 1975 pop up shops last November. I stepped out of my comfort zone and wore some blue ripped/distressed jeans from River Island and a black and silver belt also from River Island. Under my jeans I layered a pair of fishnet tights as I love this trend, and popped my Hi-top Vans on for pure comfort. My backpack is very very old from an online independent clothing brand called Friendnfoe.

That’s all for my outfit, I kept it simple, added more colour than I usually would, and I felt very confident in this outfit. I’m really picky with ripped jeans but I’m so obsessed with this style and fit, the rips not being on the knees is a massive plus for me as I feel very uncomfortable in the typical jeans with the knee slits, they don’t suit my leg shape at all but these jeans avoid the knee caps and I love it they feel super comfy and they have a shorter length than most jeans which is always a good thing for short gals like me.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Blackpool isn’t seen as one of the nicest places in the UK but it was my childhood, every year I would travel there with my mum, brother and granny and spend the weekend there at The Claremont Hotel around the time of the Illumination switch on. As you grow older you forget about the times you should hold so dear to you and I’m so thankful I got to go back there even if it was just for the one day. The people you have alongside you in your adventures are what matter more.

That is all for my first post back after a long break, I have a lot of beauty related posts coming up so get ready for some reviews and tutorials. I do hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and that you’ll stick around here on my blog for a little while. Thank you!


3 Replies to “OOTD: BLACKPOOL”

  1. It’s such a pity Blackpool “isn’t seen as one of the nicest places in the UK.” There’s much worse! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Everyone should visit Blackpool once in their lifetime. Nice pics!

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